Is Networx a Scam?

Networx Systems, LLC is near the top of the lead generation industry, and with that status, naysayers will naturally abound. But before we delve into the question of whether or not Networx Systems is a scam, sham or flat-out hoax, we need to delve further into what it is that Networx actually does...

What is Networx?
Networx Systems is a lead generation company, designed to help home improvement contractors grow their businesses by putting them in contact with homeowners looking for work, with the hope this will lead to contractors landing jobs and seeing returns on their investment.

About Lead Generation
While lead generation can be exceedingly profitable for contractors, most contractors have a love/hate relationship with lead generation services for several reasons:

Times Have Changed
Ten years ago, if you wanted to drum-up some business, all you had to do was take out an ad in the Yellow Pages and wait for the phone to ring. And eventually it would. Back then, people weren't as educated as they are today. Nowadays, you can type in "different types of roofing shingles" on Google and you'll be inundated with thousands of ideas for what can be done. Consumers today are much more knowledgeable and usually, this knowledge plays a major role in the way they'll hire a contractor. Contractors used to be able to tell consumers what they need done, and then sell them on it. It was often a one-call close, however, those days are over.

Today, instead of the contractors being in control, the homeowners are in control. They are the ones calling the shots, and the contractors are vying for their business. The adage, "If you want to be a dinosaur, you're going to be extinct," has never been so prevalent. If you want to adapt to this ever-changing world we live in, you need to be savvy, you need to be online, and you need to be capturing the online traffic, where the vast majority of people looking for home improvement work exists.

The Networx Way: It’s Not a Scam
Networx offers contractors the ability to capture internet traffic without having to invest thousands upon thousands of their own dollars into high-maintenance websites or high-maintenance advertising, where you pay-per-click or per-view. Networx takes the risk out of advertising online. When a consumer searches Google for a contractor in their area,, with its list of thousands of quality contractors, is often at the top of the page. Networx brings in the leads, and all the contractors need to pay, is a flat, monthly rate.

By comparison to other lead generation companies, Networx is unique. The main difference between Networx and others is that we work on a subscription-based model. Contractors pay a flat, monthly fee, and enjoy unlimited leads - whatever comes in during that month. This benefits the contractors because they know their costs every month, there's never a need to "chase down" lead credits, and contractors never need to worry about their spending getting out of control.

Is Networx Systems, LLC a Scam?
As Networx continues to grow as one of the premier lead generation companies in the U.S., it's only natural that Networx would encounter its share of negative reviews and complaints. Networx has been in business since 2005, and over that time has generated leads for more than 50,000 contractors in 42 different states across the U.S.

But Networx, or any lead generation service, for that matter, is NOT for everyone. Industry experts estimate just 35% to 50% of the contractors out there are successful using online lead generation services. Not everyone will succeed with such a service, and Networx understands they won't succeed with every customer. Networx does their best to provide top-notch customer service, but, occasionally, we will mess up and make mistakes. Networx would be the first to own up to that. We ARE human. However, Networx definitely is not a scam and has helped thousands of home-improvement companies across the US grow their businesses significantly.

The Complaints love to complain. Heck, everybody loves to complain. At the end of the day, Networx Systems generates leads - not jobs. If Networx sold jobs, they would demand a 15-20% cut off of every job that got done. Networx sells leads. And leads still need to be closed. Contractors need to call and schedule appointments and they need to sell themselves and their value/quality of work to customers who need home-improvement work done. Many contractors assume that Networx is handing out gift-wrapped-tied-neatly-with-a-bow jobs, and these contractors fail because they think the job was "in the bag" and don't follow up with customers to sell the value of their company. If a homeowner tells a contractor they got a bid for $100 cheaper, instead of saying, "go ahead and take it," they should say, "well, let me tell you why they are cheaper and why we are more expensive..." As mentioned before, homeowners are more educated than ever about what work they need done in their homes, but most likely, they'll know nothing at all about the contractor calling them. So contractors need to educate the homeowners as to why their prices are what they are, selling the value in the quality of the work that they do, the experience that they have, their licensing and bonding, and so on.

Damage Control
Many interesting things come up when "Networx scam" is searched for on Google. There are many different websites who offer their so-called "services" as a mediator for consumers to complain about businesses, including lead generation companies like Networx Systems, LLC. The majority of these websites have been proven to not be reputable, and in order for Networx to respond or have a complaint moderated or removed, they demand a significant fee because they know that it hurts Networx Systems' bottom line and business. That is why Networx doesn't respond to sites such as Scambook, Ripoffreport, or Pissedconsumer.

The Better Business Bureau is a reputable source and Networx reviews any BBB complaint and takes them seriously. Networx does mediate and resolve complaints through the BBB. With tens of thousands of customers, Networx has only had a handful of complaints that have escalated beyond their standard in-house customer service, and every single one of those complaints has been resolved in real time, always to the customer's satisfaction.

Our Goal
Obviously, Networx Systems' goal is to satisfy every customer and eliminate all forms of negative reviews and complaints. Unfortunately, as it is with any business, there will always be situations where things did not go the way the customer thought they would. And, in this era of the internet boom, there will always be someone, somewhere airing their negative feedback for all to see online. When the inevitable negativity arises, Networx will always do its very best to ensure that all of their customers, whether current or former, are treated in a professional, satisfactory manner.

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