HVAC Services

HVAC pros to install and maintain your home heating and cooling

Home is where the heart is and as such, it’s important to make the place you live a cozy, comfortable environment. If your home feels too hot or too cold, you probably will be looking for a professional HVAC technician to solve the problem. Here at Networx, we help you find reliable HVAC contractors in your area. All our heating and air conditioning service pros are licensed and committed to the Networx Quality Code. We’ll get you multiple competitive quotes for your heating and cooling repair or installation – fast and for free.

HVAC installation

Do you need a new or replacement heating and cooling system for your home this year? Decision making can get a little tricky since there are so many different types and sizes of equipment on the market. An experienced HVAC contractor is the person to consult before you go ahead with such a major investment. He is qualified to perform 2 crucial tasks: helping you choose the best system in the right size for your household’s needs and installing it for optimal performance. Planning to purchase a humidifier or air purifier to improve your indoor air quality? Once again, look to an HVAC services specialist to help you make the right choice and then get the device up and running.

Heating and air repair and maintenance

Has your furnace conked out right in the middle of winter? There are few things in life more uncomfortable … unless maybe your A/C breathes its last gasp just as a stifling summer heat wave sets in. Whatever the case, you need skilled HVAC repair and you need it now. Don’t panic; Networx has a pre-screened directory of expert heating and air conditioning repair contractors ready to help you out. On the other hand, maybe your system is working fine right now and you’d like to avoid having to call for emergency heating and air repair … someday. Keep your home comfort system in good shape by changing the filters on a monthly basis and tuning it up every spring and fall. Many heating and cooling companies will offer you a very convenient and affordable HVAC maintenance contract to inspect your equipment and make sure that it continues to run smoothly.

HVAC ductwork

Central heating and cooling tends to be the most efficient and comfortable type of system. You do need HVAC ductwork for this type of installation, though. Most modern homes and new construction come ready equipped with the necessary air ducts in place. However, if your house does not, it may still be possible to retrofit ductwork as long as you have the space, preferably in the attic or basement. Setting up HVAC ducts is a labor intensive, costly process, although many homeowners feel that it is worth the hassle. Consult with an HVAC company in your area to see whether this is a realistic possibility in your situation.

Ductless heating and cooling

Installing ductwork might not be an option for you, whether as a matter of choice or of necessity. In this case, you can go with ductless heating and cooling services. For example, electric baseboard heaters are both popular and practical. Mini-split units serve to both warm and cool your whole house – or just one room at a time. Ductless HVAC tends to be more environmentally friendly. This translates into savings on your energy bill and possibly tax credits or utility company rebates for you. Ask your HVAC service person which programs you may be eligible for.

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