Handyman Services

Odd jobs to larger projects – Handyman services might be right for you

Do you have one of those long, long “honey-do” lists of stuff to get done around the house (some day!) – but neither the time nor the inclination to tackle all the chores on it? Have no fear, Networx is here to help. We will connect you with qualified and reliable handyman services in your area to do all the work for you. Compare multiple price quotes as our odd jobs specialists quickly contact you by telephone, text or email, according to your preference.

How can a handyman help you?

If you’re not exactly sure just what the function of a handyman is, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Your professional local handyman, as brought to you by Networx, tends to be a highly skilled, obliging, and ... well ... handy individual, whose areas of expertise can easily range from drywall repair to power washing your deck to hanging wall art to assembling your flat-pack furniture to you name it. Map out that neglected to-do list in advance. When you’re making arrangements to hire a tradesman, find out whether all the tasks are within his skill set. This is also the ideal time to ask what tools and supplies you will need to have on hand before the work begins, to enable the handyman to get your projects done quickly and successfully.

Handyman vs. Contractor

What’s the difference between a handyman and a contractor? Good question. You are not alone in your confusion. This is due, in part, to the fact that there is definitely some overlap between the roles of these two players on the home improvement scene. For example, your local handyman may be quite adept at hanging prebuilt kitchen cabinets, a task traditionally done by a carpentry contractor. However, in most regions a contractor requires professional licensing while a handyman does not. For this reason, your jurisdiction, board, or homeowners insurance company may authorize projects such as major electrical, plumbing, or remodeling work only if carried out under the supervision of a licensed contractor. They may also limit the tasks done by a handyman to a specific dollar amount per day. Whether a handyman or contractor is more suited to the job you have in mind, do make sure the pro that you hire is fully insured.

Save money with a handyman service

There is one strong advantage to hiring a handyman. For small odd jobs, handyman prices frequently tend to be lower than the fees to hire a contractor. In addition, a jack-of-all-trades may be exactly what you need if your list includes – say -- a small fence repair, re-caulking your bathroom sink, and hauling away a pile of trash from your garden. In fact, many homeowners consider that having a large number of small scale tasks taken care of over the course of one service call is the ideal way to make the most of hiring a handyman or repairman. Organize your job list and purchase the necessary supplies in advance to save money on the handyman’s hourly rates; however, he will generally provide his own tools.

How much can I expect a handyman near me to charge?

Expect a handyman to charge by the hour for most of the services they provide. As with other home improvement pros, they will often establish a minimum fee for a service call. Handymen may add on charges per trip or per mile. If you have a significant number of odd jobs or a major task to be done, you might want to work out a daily or “per job” fee instead. For a large scale project, request competitive estimates from multiple handymen. Once you choose someone to hire, you should both sign a written contract, which ought to include a guarantee on materials and labor.

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