The Power of Multiple HVAC Estimates

See how one homeowner’s receiving multiple estimates led to not only a different price but a different job entirely.

Submitted by Lina O.



The Snapshot

Why did you look for a contractor?
Needed a gas furnace tune-up.

Why did you choose this particular contractor?
HVAC specialist, family-run business.

How do you feel about the results?
I’m a happy camper – I was told I needed to spend $1000 on furnace replacement parts but instead I ended up repairing it for only $79!

If a friend asked you for a referral, what would you say about this contractor?
I’d absolutely recommend them to other people.

The Full Scoop

My heating system, a natural gas, forced air, 95 percent efficiency furnace, that is 8 years old needed a tune up. I had been using the same HVAC company for many years, so I called them up. When their technician came in to do the tune-up, he proceeded to tell me that I needed $1000 worth of repairs. He wanted me to say right then and there, “Yeah, let’s replace it,” but I declined so that I could do my homework.

While doing my research I discovered that my furnace, which was working before the technician came out, had since stopped functioning. I checked the furnace and found that the technician had left some hoses unattached so that the furnace would no longer work. I immediately phoned the HVAC company but no one returned my calls.

I decided it was time for me to expand my research to include other HVAC companies & furnace repair near me. It was important for me to interview them and find out how they did things. This is how I ended up finding and hiring Hader Heating & Cooling Inc. They’re a family business with just a few technicians and they’re not hugely diversified, which for me was great, because I didn’t need one company to do electric, plumbing, heating, cooling, and whatever else they decided to branch out into. I already had an electrician and a plumber – I just wanted a heating expert!

The Hader technician looked at my furnace, and found that the situation was not as bleak as I was led to believe. Of the two components I had been told needed replacement, one simply needed to be cleaned and the other just needed some lubrication. What’s more, he found that one of the contact points on my safety switch was corroded and could have caused safety issues – which the first company never mentioned at all.

When Hader’s tech informed me of the problems and solutions, I was very happy, because instead of paying $1000 for replacement parts, I got a very professional furnace repair job for only $79! So I saved a nice chunk of change. I was so pleased with Hader that I signed up for their service contract. Once a year they’ll check my furnace and my air conditioning. The contract also gives me a 20 percent discount on any parts that I might need.

What advice would you give to other homeowners based on your experience?

One of the steps I took this time that I’ve never done before was asking to talk with somebody who deals with the public all the time. I wanted to hear about the company, how it runs, how the management is, how long it’s been in business, and how long employees tend to stay around. To me, that last point is a huge deal; having the same person come into my home on a regular basis is very important because as they get to know my system, I feel more confident.

The Networx take away:

Do your homework and get a second opinion. It can save you hundreds if not thousands!

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Hader Heating & Cooling Inc Lina Orr: I am glad that I called them

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Hader Heating & Cooling Inc Lina Orr: I am glad that I called them
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