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Commercial air conditioning units are necessary for industrial, office and marine settings. They don’t just cool air. Commercial air conditioning also filters air and maintains humidity levels. Proper humidity levels are necessary for preventing mold and bacteria growth in duct systems, as well as maintaining a friendly environment for electronics and interior decoration. Commercial air conditioning is not just found in hot climates, as it also serves to maintain humidity levels and filter air. Many buildings bring clean air in through these commercial air conditioning systems.

Commercial HVAC contractors are trained to maintain, repair and install commercial air conditioning units. They also are trained to work with commercial heating systems. When choosing a commercial HVAC contractor, be sure to ask him what his specialty is, as some contractors specialize in commercial air conditioning, and some specialize in commercial heating. Since commercial duct systems can be complicated, and the machinery that pushes air through them can be even more complicated, it is critical to find a contractor who specializes in either commercial air conditioning or commercial heating.

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