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Description: TLC is a Christian based organization which serves many that are homeless by re-tooling them with training to find better jobs. We teach the how to fish rather than just giving it to them. We help talk many off government assistance by supplying them the skill set to get a new career and new start. A portion if your contribution will be a donation and a tax write off

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Work Description: Moving Services

Comments: Stay away from this thief. Charles (the owner of the company) is the most unorganized businessman I’ve ever seen. We scheduled our moving services a month ahead of time so that we could go ahead and get everything planned out. We were moving off of the 2nd floor of one apartment to the 3rd floor of another. I advised him of each item we had right down to the exact number of boxes and totes. I knew it was a big job which is why I wanted to make sure he knew what we had. We set the appointment for 12 noon.
So noon comes around and I don’t have a message or phone call from anyone. I texted Charles and tell him to let me know when they’re on the way. He replies, “I’m sorry what time were you moving again?” ARE YOU SERIOUS? AFTER WE JUST BOOKED YOU A MONTH AHEAD OF TIME? So obviously we weren’t on his schedule. I texted back and asked if he knew what time he was coming. No reply for 45 minutes. He finally calls and tells me he’s going to have another set of movers come to service us. I spoke with them and they said they were waiting on someone to bring them gas and they’d be on the way. I asked what time they’d be coming, they said they didn’t have an exact time. At this point it’s 1:30 in the afternoon (an hour and a half late). I asked them will it be over an hour, they said no.
Of course, one hour passes and no call or text. I call them back and the guy says “hey our guy just came back with the gas and we’ll be there in 15-20 minutes.” Well that’s impossible because from Rock Hill to north Charlotte is about 45 minutes. The guy thought we were in south Charlotte, and he didn’t even have our address. So he says “Ok we are on the way and will be there in 45 minutes.
Another hour passes. No call or text. So I text Charles and told him this is crazy, we have to turn in our internet equipment and the keys to the apartment before the evening is over. That’s on top of a voicemail I left him because he never answers the phone. So another guy calls at 2:45 saying “hey sorry for the wait, we are finishing up a move which will take 15-20 minutes and we will be on our way to you. You are 20 minutes from where we are and we are coming straight there.” So finally the guys get to my place at 3:30pm, THREE AND A HALF HOURS LATE! Mind you I have to turn in the keys to the old apartment by 6pm so we won’t be charged for an extra day.
So as they are moving, it’s 530PM and they’re still not done. I ended up having to take the remaining items and sit them outside of my door so I could turn the key in to the office and they could still move. I turn the key into the office and come back hoping they’re done by now. They still weren’t, and they said they couldn’t get everything on the truck. I think they could have but obviously Charles hasn’t trained them well enough to pack an entire truck. I had to leave behind a surplus of items in front of my door hoping no one would steal them because I had to drive the loaded Uhaul to the new spot (yes I had to purchase we had to get our own van as well). Also had to call Uhaul an extend the rental because they guys weren’t going to finish.
So we get to the new place, the guys get everything up, ok fine. We provide them the Uhaul code for payment. Charles texts the mover back asking “what are they going to do about the rest of the money?” DUDE! YOU WERE 3 HOURS LATE AND STILL CHARGING US EXTRA!!!!! We had already moved some things on our own in the morning. Had we known they’d be 3 hours late, we could’ve moved more things on our own and just left the very heavy stuff for the movers. Mind you, Charles didn’t even tell the movers all of the things we had. He just sent them over to us without giving them a warning of everything they had to do. Charles and mover was texting at the time so we asked him to call so we could speak to him. He texts the mover back and asks “well why do they want to speak to me?” DUDE ITS YOUR DAMN COMPANY! He finally calls.
So Charles had an attitude and didn’t apologize at all for being late. Come to find out, Charles wasn’t even in town. He was in Illinois. So we fussing on the phone back and forth and he charges us an additional $148 despite being late and forgetting our appointment for the beginning. He acted like he did us a favor giving us a 25% discount but really! What’s that? You’re still charging us extra even though you were extremely tardy. They didn’t get done until 10PM and I wasn’t able to turn the truck in until 11PM.
So needless to say, RUN. PAY THE EXTRA MONEY AND GET PROFESSIONALS! The movers themselves were two very nice young men whom would have a brighter future working for someone with actual business competence. I was proud of them for leaving one home and then coming and staying late to assist us. I wish I knew their names but just know my issue isn’t with them, it’s with this so called businessman Charles. He even said we could’ve cancelled. How am I going to cancel a move the same day we have to be out of the apartment? Again, this is why we booked an entire month ahead of time. I’m a business owner myself so I know what it takes to properly stay organized and run a business. TLC SUCKS and Charles needs business training. So many other options out there. You’ve been warned……..
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