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Will Your Roof Cause Insurance Cancellation?
It could! Some insurers are requiring inspections of older roofs before they will renew home owners insurance. Failing an inspection will require a new roof before obtaining a renewal. What's worse, others will not even write new policies for homes with a roof over 20 years old. "The trend is to require an older roof-- 15 to 20 years plus-to have an inspection to get a renewal", says Chip Merlin, of Tampa-based Merlin Law Group, P.A.

Can We Just Re-Roof Over the Existing Shingles?

The short answer is it depends on your roof. If it has been reroofed in the past, most cities will not allow a third layer. Most roofs last between 15-20 years based on the environment and type of shingle. If the edges of the shingles are beginning to curl or if there is a lot of granule loss, closer inspection is necessary. In the vast majority of these instances a new roof will be required.

In addition, if there are any past or current leaks which may be caused by skylights, vents, flashings, wind, or storm, an inspection of the roof system itself should be done. Finally, the type of shingles that are currently on the home factor into whether or not re-roofing is advisable.

The one-ply (flat) shingles look better when new shingles are placed over them than the two-ply architectural (dimensional) ones. Tearing off the entire roof system is more expensive than just re-roofing because of additional labor, materials and debris removal. The entire process also takes longer than re-roofing. However, the tear off process also provides for greater inspection of the entire roof system and provides for a superior roof over all.

A Word about Roof Flashings-- Sometimes the flashings are not replaced when a home is reroofed. New flashings, especially the drip-edge kind which are specifically made for replacement roofs, will secure a tight seal which also prolong the life of the new roof. Laying new shingles over old ones, rather than removing the old ones first, is possible depending on the circumstances, but new flashings are considered best practice.

So, What Are You Going to Do With Your Roof?

3,000 homes and numerous commercial roofs (up to $7 million dollars for a single roof), the Skyeco Roofing Specialists know a thing or two about roofs! We offer:
• Free inspections
• Free estimates
• Replacement
• Repair
• Asphalt/ metal/ tile


Are Leaky Windows Driving Up Your Energy Bills?
According to EnergyStar.gov, a typical home can save from $27 - $465* per year, every year, on their energy costs with Energy Star qualified windows. *range dependent on number of windows and single vs double paned
Let the Skyeco Windows Specialists help with your window replacement project. We provide expertise in choosing type, styles, grid patterns, colors, and manufacturers best suited for your project.

How Do I Know When to Replace My Windows?

Great question! It's either replace or repair. Worn weather stripping and broken hardware can be simple repairs. Windows sashes of frames that are damaged, broken, warped or leaking typically need to be replaced. Even windows that still work can have problems such as being drafty, fogging up, and sticking open or closed. According to Energy.gov drafty windows can inflate energy bills by 10-25%. Remember to consider energy efficiency and climate when choosing types of windows.

Perhaps your windows are just outdated. Does their design date your home in a negative way? If you are looking to sell the home, outdated windows can affect the sale price. If you choose to replace them, consider design alterations such as size (allowing in more light and warmth in) and function (fixed vs. opening).

Has the weather impacted your windows? Severe weather and time can damage windows beyond the obvious. Wind, humidity, and sea salt can affect the integrity of windows.

Maybe you are restoring an older home. Historically-accurate customized or replica windows can make all the difference.
Hopefully, that gives you some ideas as to when it might be time to replace windows and some benefits from doing so. With over 50 years of experience, Skyeco Window Specialists know their windows!

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