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Rise Metal Roofing

Description: Here at Rise Metal Roofing we pride ourselves in offering maintenance free lifetime roofing systems Throughout Oregon and Washington; available in a variety of styles, colors, textures, and materials. Our lifetime roofing system is made here in the USA from 95% recycled material . Our system comes with a transferable lifetime warranty and is Energy Star Rated.
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Rise Metal Roofing
Residential & Commercial
OR CCB# 222479
"The Lifetime Solution To Your Roofing Situation!"®

What sets us apart from other contractors: We offer a premier white glove service to our clients.

We are best known for: Quality, excellence, and Respect

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Work Description: metal roof

Comments: Victor made it a point to tell me how clean he keeps the work area and how I wouldn't have to worry about cleaning things up or anything that could be a danger to our 3 year old and infant. That was either an outright lie or he just is incapable of following through on his promises! They ripped of half my roof off May 1st and I am still finding nails and pieces of the old roof and pieces of metal cut from the new roof. My 3 year old has found nails and brought them to us! I have picked pieces out of our bushes and my neighbor has found roof garbage from Victor's work on his property. I had to go around taking pictures of the trash and debris they left behind to get Victor to even respond.
    The rise metal roofing crew ripped half my roof off May 1st, that day I had to call Victor to send someone to remove the 24+ nails in front of both our garage doors! We spent the month of April and part of June sweeping our driveway of nails almost daily! We didn't feel it was safe to let our 3 year old play or ride his toys on the driveway or around the house before we inspected the area for nails. We also worried about getting flat tires from all the nails we kept finding.
    According the the metal supplier Victor did not order our roofing material until May 6 or 7th! So we had a solid week of rain and leaks before he even got around to ordering our new roof! We called multiple times to let him know about the leaks, after the first call he did absolutely nothing so we just had to watch it drip into our front room and clean up the messes every time it rained! The new roofing material didn't arrive until May 18th and wasn't fully on until May 22nd. We had LEAKS for 20+ days! His solution was to paint over the area with one coat of paint, it still looks horrible, and has obvious water damage.
    Trying to get any details or updates out of Victor is fruitless. He doesn't answer emails in any sort of timely manner, voice mails often took several days to get a response to, if we even got a response. The only timely answer was the initial response to all the nails on our driveway and when we called May 2nd to tell him the roof was leaking. I had to call the metal supplier several times to find out if he even ordered the metal, when it was going to be delivered, and if he paid for it.  Which he promises he did, not that he has given me accurate information this entire time. It is always someone else's fault or some other excuse.
    To get the mess on our carport roof cleaned and the broken piece of metal that was placed on our roof fixed, I had to ask if we should contact his insurance. I was never told about the damaged piece and if I had not found it it would still be up there! Who knows what else is wrong that I haven't seen or don't know to look for. I was paying for a new roof not a broken one. Also, Victor never mentioned the mess they threw on my carport roof or the broken piece of roofing they used. I basically had to go around inspecting things every time they came over to do something. If I was a roofer that would be fine, but part of what I paid for was his expertise and professionalism. I received neither as far as I am concerned! Now I'll have to find someone to come and inspect his work to make sure it was done correctly. There are several spots I don't think his crew did properly and when I emailed him about my concerns and sent some pictures, I got no response. After asking about contacting his insurance and the CCB board he did finally send someone out to clean the carport roof, and fix the broken piece of roofing. Of course, they just showed up to fix the broken piece without calling or making an appointment. Victor blamed it on the piece being bent as it was handed up... So why was it still put on!? They smeared a hug glob of silicon on it, so someone saw it! They also had 2 extra pieces when the job was done so they could have just replaced the broken piece before it was put on the roof! I asked multiple times that he schedule or at least give us the courtesy to let us know when he or his crew where planning to come and work, that never happened. They just showed up when it was convenient for them. 
    Victor also promised he would vent our bathrooms and kitchen vents through the roof to help with ventilation in our attic. He did absolutely nothing for our ventilation! It still vents into our attic space. They also only cut one side of the peak for the ridge vent. What I found online and talking to other roofers, it is supposed to be on each side of the peak. Victor kept sending out his employee Jay to fix things piece meal, when I was talking to Jay about the venting, he had no idea what I was talking about! He said Victor never told him about the bathrooms and kitchen needing vents.
    Avoid this company at all cost! OR IT WILL COST YOU! This has been the worst home improvement project I have ever had to deal with. I have had to learn a lot about roofs and have no confidence that there are not problems yet to be discovered. I would have been better off buying the metal myself and hiring my own crew to do the work! All in all Victor promised to take care of our home, roof, and family. If by taking care of us, he meant potentially causing damage that we won't find until some time in the future, taking advantage of of our trust in his integrity, honesty and ability, and/or hoping we we wouldn't pay attention to what he wasn't doing, he certainly did.
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