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Description: Asphalt has many advantages over concrete such as:

COST - On average, the cost of having an asphalt driveway laid is 30-40% cheaper than concrete.
CONSTRUCTION TIME - Typically, a new asphalt driveway takes 1-2 days (depending on the size and scope of the project) whereas a concrete driveway of the same size can take several days longer.
CURING TIME - Depending on the time of year, newly laid asphalt can be used in 2-3 days (spring and fall cure times are faster than summer as the summer heat slows the curing and hardening process). Concrete on average takes 7 days to properly cure.
DURABILITY - Both concrete and asphalt can crack, typically as a result of soil expansion/contraction below. Asphalt is flexible which helps reduce the chance of cracking. In addition, asphalt is not susceptible to surface spalling (surface flaking) like concrete is.
REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE - Due to the costs of materials, asphalt is generally cheaper to repair than concrete.

Why should I have my surface sealcoated?
LOOKS - The sealcoat brings back that new look to your asphalt surface helping give a positive look to your home or business.
WATER/FUEL/CHEMICAL PROTECTION - Sealcoating fills small voids in the surface reducing gas, oil, water, and chemical access to the interior of your surface to help prevent them from damaging your surface internally. Stopping the water from penetrating also helps keep the water from freezing in the voids inside your asphalt. Freezing water also expands which would cause cracking and structural damage to the asphalt.
UV AND OXIDATION PROTECTION - The sealcoat reduces the exposure to UV rays from the sun and oxidation from Oxygen exposure helping to ensure a long life from your surface.
CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE - The sealcoat provides a smoother surface on your asphalt making it easier to clean spills and also making it easier for clearing snow from the surface.
FLEXIBILITY - The dark black color that is returned to your surface by the sealcoat allows it to absorb heat from the sun. The warmer asphalt is, the more flexible it becomes allowing it to move some to better handle the weight of traffic that is on it without cracking.
PRICE - Just like the cost of gas, the cost of asphalt also varies with crude oil prices. Sealcoating lengthens the life of the asphalt for a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole surface.

Crack Sealing
Even under the best conditions, there is still a chance of asphalt cracking. When cracks do occur in the asphalt surface, having them professionally repaired in a timely manner is critical to ensure the longest life possible from you driveway/parking lot.

What is involved in Crack Sealing?
The crack is cleaned of foreign debris and vegetation (if there is excessive vegetation in the crack, it should be sprayed with some time of weed killer 1 week prior to the repair).
If needed, the crack may be routed out to ensure the sealant can properly reach into and adhere to both sides of the crack.
Depending on the conditions, base material may be added to the bottom of the crack.
The crack is sealed with a hot pour crack sealant specially formulated for repairing cracks in asphalt.

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Work Description: Driveway and walkways

Comments: The guys arrived bright and early and got to work immediately. Tom Jr was really good with communication. There were a couple of hiccups and Tom Jr was quick to assess the situation and remedy. The job was completed and looks beautiful!! I would definitely recommend them and use them again!


Work Description: Asphalt Paving - Install

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