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Main Services: Encapsulating Carpet Cleaning. VLM very low moisture. Carpet Sealant 1 (year)

Description: This is how we help: Comparison: Encapsulation vs steam cleaning.

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Dry-organic process:
1) VLM (very low moisture) solution made from crystals w/ 3 parts: organic citrus, natural enzymes and hydrogen peroxide it is perfectly ph balanced
2) Carpet agitated in all directions
3) Compound distribution and its purpose
4) Final agitation and vacuuming

What does the 3 ingredients do for the carpet
-citrus: dissolves grease and natural fats meshed in the carpet
-enzymes: breaks down 99.99% of all microorganisms like blood, urine, pet hair and dandruff
-hydrogen peroxide: acts as an activator which brightens the fibers in carpet
Benefits of our process:
*Deep-down - from the bottom up extraction
*Removes allergy-causing contaminants such as mold, mildew, algae and dust mites from deep within your carpet providing a healthy and ODOR FREE environment
*Leaves carpets completely DRY, fresh and free of mold and mildew
*Pile is lifted and spots and stains are pre-treated at NO additional charge
*A citrus-based low moisture encapsulating pre-treatment is applied to emulsify any remaining spots or stains
*Organic micro sponges are then applied and brushed through the carpet cleaning from the bottom up with special machines using soft rotating brushes. This process dissolves, absorbs and traps soil, spots, stains and odors as it cleans.
*Your carpet is then professionally groomed, leaving it clean, dry, fresh and ready to use immediately.

 The QSP Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) Machine is easy to transport
 Large machine with hose and attachments can be difficult to transport
 No chemicals to mix
 Chemical mixing required
 Apply Mist, brush, apply Compound, brush & collect and then vacuum
 Requires filling and dumping of tanks frequently
 Deep cleans and lifts matted pile in one easy step
 Does not lift pile
 Never any over-wetting
 Repeated cleaning of an area can cause over-wetting of carpet
No wick back of spots or dirty areas
 Spots and dirty areas may wick back when carpet dries and after machine has been returned
 Leaves no sticky residue to cause resoiling
 Detergent residue and moisture may cause resoiling
 Removes dust mites, mold & mildew, pet urine and other allergens
 Forces dirt deep into carpet & intensifies odor; causes mold & mildew
 No wet carpet
 Carpet can take 6-24 hours to dry
Rooms back in use immediately
 Rooms out of use until dry
 No humidity from cleaning
 May require fans to speed up drying
 No need for furniture protectors
 Wet carpet may introduce unwanted humidity in the home

 May require furniture protectors
 Never any damage from shrinkage, split seams or mold and mildew
 Must avoid overwetting which could cause mold and mildew, shrinkage or split seams
 Safe for all types of carpet and rugs, including wool, sisal an orientals
 Not recommended for use on silk or wool oriental rugs, handloomed wool rugs, or natural fibers such as sisal or jute
 QSP is all natural and safe for people, pets and the environment
 Chemicals can be an eye and skin irritant & cause many health issues

What sets us apart from other contractors: Quality - Service - Speed & Sealant 1 year guarantee.

We are best known for: All natural!😁

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