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Description: If you need a friendly plumber, who can offer prompt professional plumbing solutions, you need to call Bob Larson Plumbing today. We have the experience and expertise to help you in all facets of the industry, from repairs to drains to complete pipe restoration.
We've built our business based on the philosophy of honesty, reliability, and competence. Since 1992, area residents have come to rely on us for our integrity and quality work we stand behind. We want to be your friendly, neighborhood plumber for life. So for the very best in quality and customer service, give us a call today!

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Work Description: Drain clog causing a leak

Comments: Tl;dr (short version)

Let's do the math if I hadn't complained.

$445 to pull toilet and check seal. This doesn't include any actual repairs if there's an issue with the flange. This took them all but 15-20 minutes to do.

Plumber realizes it's still leaking after setting toilet back which he initially claimed the seal replacement would solve the issue. He wants another $445 to pull the toilet again then $440 to snake the toilet. This doesn't include the $255 inspection fee if it's still leaking.

$1400 at this point if I had decided to proceed. Call manager and he defends this predatory pricing. After calling myself and the plumber back a few times he agreed to lower the price.

He then claims that if it's still leaking they'd charge the $255 inspection fee and then another charge for repair of the affected pipes. I imagine that would be another $400 or more but I don't have access to their price book. Only option other im given to save another $445 charge is to have them pull my cleanout and spill raw sewage over a large portion of my attached garage slab. They end up doing this to "save me money". I spend 2 hours after they leave pressure washing raw sewage out of my garage with my wife.

Photo of my Citi card charge attached to show I'm not a fake reviewer. For those reading this review BEWARE. Especially if you have elderly relatives who need plumbing work.


I could have easily been taken a ride for $2000 or more for a simple plumbing repair. This is comparable to a large repair on home for a less than 2 foot section of ABS pipe in pricing. The manager wanted to fight me on this instead of make it right initially. It still has not been made right in my eyes.

The worst part about this visit was they arrived and to literally unseat a toilet and check a seal which took them all but 20 minutes to do they charged me $445. I agreed as I didn't realize how simple the scope of work was as they described it to me until they'd done it. I had a leak down to my garage from an attached bedroom upstairs. We all suspected a clog initially was causing the issues including the leak, but then they wanted $440 additional to run a snake... the guy kept pulling out his phone and it felt like I was just getting charged upon charges compounded for every tiny thing. Then, when they reseat the toilet and replaced the seal the leak was still there which the plumber said would have resolved the issue. Then they wanted to charge me ANOTHER $445 to unseat the toilet again a second time to run a snake which was also another $440.

I got fed up and called to speak with a manager. They lowered some of the pricing for me after I threatened legal action by going to small claims as I was clearly being taken advantage of. The manager initially said he could just have his guys pack up and leave and charge me the $445, but then I'm left with the problem still ongoing so I told him I needed a resolution and more reasonable pricing as this was completely unacceptable trying to double dip on the toilet and charge me upwards of $900 just to unseat it a second time which literally takes less than 20 minutes.

He tried claiming they had fair pricing and made comments inferring that I didn't know what plumbing work costs.

Because they refused to simply pull the toilet again at no charge then run the snake which I was happy to pay for I had no choice but to have them pull my cleanout in my garage which spilt a tone of raw sewage throughout the garage floor slab fortunately not getting too much on walls and such and I spent a good hour and a half pressure washing it all out after the visit. This was the only option they gave me if I didn't want to pay $445 again to unseat the toilet. They even pulled the cleanout out before I'd finished talking to the manager about options so communication was also breaking down between the plumber and their manager who kept playing phone tag between myself and them.

All in all I had to spend around $1020 to this company when all they needed to do was clear the drain. It turns out there was not even a need to cut the wall open for $255 or even unseat the toilet in the first place since the flange was fine and he said "the reason you have the leak is because after pressure built up from the clog it was pushing the seal out of place". I literally just needed a good ol' drain cleaning but got taken for a ride instead. I should have gone with a competitor who was charging $193 for a toilet unseat and drain cleaning which I found out about afterwards. Absolutely appalled at the pricing structure of this place and will not return. Now I'm out $800 that I didn't need to spend if I'd made a better choice on a provider.

If you are here for the community and to serve people offer reasonable rates for the time worked. Cutting 1 foot hole in an inch depth of drywall and pulling a toilet to check a seal or running a snake in a drain all of which take less than 2 hours should not run $1020.





Work Description: He cleaned a sewer pipe.

Comments: I was very satisfied. He was very nice, polite, and explained everything to me.
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