It is a scary time to be out in the working world with the reality of the coronavirus epidemic. Our thoughts and prayers are always with the sick and with our front line medical professionals. While this is a challenging time and very different from anything we have previously experienced, it is critical to make sure that we are helping out our homeowners now more than ever. Below is a quick check-list of communication musts to ensure that you are still best-helping homeowners and winning jobs. 

  1. Speed - If someone is submitting their information to get an essential project done, it is necessary for you to call that person back immediately. What does “immediately” mean?  Within seconds. If someone has an essential problem, they want to know a pro is there to hear and help them.

  2. Empathy - A lot of people are freaking out, and even if you are not, think about it from their perspective. It makes a lot of sense that people are being cautious, with all of the different information floating around. Regardless of how you feel about it, be patient and non-judgemental. Remember, they are coming to you for your expertise in your field.

  3. Ask - Open-ended questions will allow the homeowner to feel heard and will divulge crucial information that will help you assess whether you need to enter the home. How serious is this issue? How urgent is it for you to get this done? Make sure that you are listening to determine whether or not it is an essential project. If it is not an essential project, protect yourself and the homeowner by giving them some tips and reassurances about why the project can wait, and how you as a professional will be there to help them out every step of the way. Let them know when things calm down, you will be out there to fix it at the best possible price.

  4. Learn - Make sure to learn about the state regulations and best practices in your area and industry. Communicate those best practices to your homeowners and employees often and frequently. If you show up in a mask and booties and are wiping everything down constantly (as we and the CDC would suggest), let your homeowners know why. We here at Networx will be dedicated to updating as much information as possible by state. 

Check back here regularly for updates, and S.E.A.L. your business off from potential economic or viral threats.