Activation Process: What to Expect

If you are reading this you have either just signed up for our Networx Concierge Service or you are thinking about signing up. If you have signed up, Welcome Aboard! If you are still thinking about it, take the plunge, your company will thank us later. Either way, you are here to learn about the process that you will be taken through before we fully activate your service and start matching you with projects, so here is a quick guide to completing the activation process.

Activation Checklist

  1. Sign Up and Set Up: One of our account managers will make sure that we have all the details that we need to get you signed up for our service as well as the extra details that help us match you with projects that suit your unique strengths and expertise. This process may take a few extra minutes but that is because we want to make sure that your service is set up to best serve you!
  2. Background Checks: Please supply our background check service (B&B Reporting) with information for the business owner and any technicians that will be working on projects that we match you with. Your Account Manager will send you a link and instruct you on how to complete this process.
  3. Sign the Contract: When you visit your dashboard you will be greeted by a pop up with your new Membership Agreement, please take a moment to read it over and sign it electronically. Don’t worry this won’t lock you in for any length of time. It is to make sure that you agree to the terms while using our service.
  4. License Verification: We will verify the license that you supply during the signup process. Make sure to supply us with up to date license information for all areas and categories that you would like to service. We will reach out to you in the rare case that we have trouble verifying your license information.