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You’ve got to win people over in this business, because you’re more than a contractor -- you’re a comforter.

Yes, you read that right. As a home improvement pro in today’s marketplace, you need to get soft and fuzzy with homeowners and let them know you care, let them feel the love.

We’re talking love for a job well done, love for solving problems, love for seeing homeowners happier and in case you didn’t know, we’re here to spill the secret sauce ... That’s where the money is.

Here’s to show the love to win over potential leads and build solid, profitable client relationships from scratch:

  1. Be FAST When You Call Back Leads

Homeowners who search for help online want a fast solution. When they submit a work request, they’ll be impressed when you call them back within moments. (Ka-CHING -- score one point for lead-love!)

  1. Never Give Up

Not being first to call is NEVER a reason to stop trying to reach a potential customer. Leads won’t necessarily hire the first contractor who calls them – or the one that gives the cheapest quote. Usually they go for the pro who convinces them that he’s the best.

  1. When the Line is Busy Try, Try Again

Hold your horses for 5-15 minutes. The homeowner is probably speaking to a competing contractor, but you may still make a sale when you’re the 3rd or even 4th to call. (See “Never Give Up.”)

  1. Be Like an Actor Auditioning in Hollywood

Get used to rejection and never stop trying ... that’s how you land the part. Call that potential client up to twice a day, and leave a single voice mail. This is just the right amount of follow-through to get yourself noticed -- without being a pest.

Then, when you finally do reach the homeowner, have this ready:

  1. Define What You Do, and What You’re the Leader In

Rehearse your pitch till you’ve got it down cold. Example: “I’m Eddie Mayer, and my HVAC service stands out because it delivers __________.”

Here are some suggestions to help you fill in that blank:

  • Quality parts (explain why you use the brands you do)
  • Superior service (explain your process and why you do what you do)
  • Fabulous people (talk about the experience and dedication you and your team will bring to the job)
  1. Build Value in Conversation

Listen carefully to the homeowner. When you meet in person, make eye contact. In person or over the phone, show that you get exactly what the problem is and what outcome the client wants.

Then explain how you’ll deliver that desired outcome, why your solution is necessary and what difference it – and your expertise -- will make.

Follow these steps to close more leads in less time and know in your heart that you’re delivering great value. That will transform your business … and you’ll love the results.

via Pixabay CCO Creative Commons