Kass Wilson

Kass Wilson

Kass Wilson is the founder of Wallstreat Studio, Atlanta's faux finish and decorative artistry resource. http://www.kasswilson.com/

Planter and photo by Kass Wilson/Wallstreat Studios.

DIY Tutorial: Painting a Decorative Planter

Posted by Kass Wilson | Dec 14, 2011

Throughout the dreary winter months, we miss the lush green of summer. The addition of foliage into our living spaces will breathe new life into a room. Indoor trees are readily available...

dandeluca/flickr creative commons

DIY Shower Curtain Ideas

Posted by Kass Wilson | Nov 23, 2011

You probably think that custom textiles for your home are beyond your means, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can start customizing your home's look in your bathroom, with...

Decorating a Powder Room

Posted by Kass Wilson | Nov 07, 2011

It's easy to tell our overnight guests, "You are special." Place a mint on the pillow, fresh linens on the bed and a basket of luxury toiletries on the nightstand. But not every visitor...


Aged to Perfection: Techniques for Antiquing Wood

Posted by Kass Wilson | Nov 02, 2011

"Aged", "antiqued", "distressed" ... these are some of the adjectives that people use to describe how they envision the finish on their cabinets or furniture. From an artist's perspective,...

Haxxah and KraZug/Flickr

Remove Wall Paper, Don't Paint Over It Says Pro Painter

Posted by Kass Wilson | Sep 29, 2011

Stripping wallpaper is one of those projects that everyone dreads. They know it can be a tedious and messy process. It is only human nature to explore any options that will avoid this...

Kitchen + Bath Artisans via Hometalk.com

Designing a Room, Step-by-Step

Posted by Kass Wilson | Sep 19, 2011

Over the years, I have had the luxury of working with some of Atlanta’s most talented interior designers. It is always amazing to watch them transform an empty room into a space...


Turning Bookshelves into the Focal Point of a Room

Posted by Kass Wilson | Sep 12, 2011

Bookcases are not just for books. In fact, with everything available online or on discs, we are accumulating fewer books. Back in the days of encyclopedias, we could always count on...

Photo: An accent wall by Kass Wilson/Wallsreat Studio. Via Hometalk.com.

8 Easy Weekend Paint Projects

Posted by Kass Wilson | Sep 06, 2011

In today’s world, we all seem to be limited by 2 major resources: time and money. However, we are never limited in our desire to spruce up our homes. Any designer will advise you...

Photo: A wall painted by the author, Kass Wilson of Wallstreat Studio, via Hometalk.com.

Secrets of Saving Paint for Later

Posted by Kass Wilson | Jul 28, 2011

No matter how careful we are, there comes a time when even a crisp, clean paint job will need a touch up. Each container of paint is custom mixed. Even if you have the formula, there...