Julian Taub

Julian Taub

Julian Taub is a science blogger in NYC. http://techsplurge.tumblr.com/

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FUN AT HOME: Food Science Experiments

Posted by Julian Taub | Jan 18, 2012

Fun food science experiments are a staple of childhood. We all remember the “vinegar and baking soda volcano”, but there are others that one can do with simple kitchen products. ...


The Science of Christmas Lights

Posted by Julian Taub | Dec 13, 2011

Christmas lights are the most recognizable sign of the season. These lights seem to warm up the coldest of December nights and give a nostalgic glow to the home. Even though we are...


The Science of Laundry Detergent

Posted by Julian Taub | Nov 22, 2011

We all love clean clothes: their smell, their look, their feel. We all use copious amounts of detergent each year. However, aside from watching commercial dramatizations, we pay little...


The Science of Vinegar

Posted by Julian Taub | Nov 14, 2011

With the rise of environment-friendly products on the market, vinegar has emerged as a folk hero of sorts when it comes to cleaning agents. There is a surplus of books, websites, and...