David Aaron Moore

David Aaron Moore

Who are you calling funny? (leoncillo sabino/Flickr)

Funny Pictures of Dogs

Posted by David Aaron Moore | Mar 22, 2012

Ever wonder why funny pictures of dogs and their companionship can make us so happy? According to the book 100 Simple Secrets: Why Dogs Make Us Happy (David Niven, PhD, Harper Collins,...

Meadowbrook Hall

The Biggest Houses in America

Posted by David Aaron Moore | Mar 14, 2012

Some of the biggest houses in America can be found in likely states such as New York and California and the District of Columbia, while still other significant sizable structures exist...

Domino is a Border Collie/Siberian Husky mix. Contact the Seattle Humane Society to adopt him.

Three Interesting Dogs You Should Meet

Posted by David Aaron Moore | Mar 07, 2012

The world is full of interesting dogs. Television programs and movies boast a bevy of them that captured American hearts, from Lassie and Rin Tin Tin to Benji or Toto from “The...

What's up, tough guy? Looking smooth; making moves.

Five Ways Your House Can Ruin a Date

Posted by David Aaron Moore | Mar 06, 2012

So you think you’re ready to invite a potential romantic interest over to your home, perhaps for lunch or dinner? Think again. Take a look at your surroundings and make certain...

Whitney Houston performing for US troops in a televised concert. [Photo via Wikimedia Commons]

Secrets of Whitney Houston's Real Estate

Posted by David Aaron Moore | Feb 27, 2012

While family and friends have been left trying to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of singing superstar Whitney Houston’s untimely death, one particular question remains for...

Ken Hubbards cats via David Aaron Moore. Black American Shorthairs are so cute!

Ten Fascinating Facts about Cats

Posted by David Aaron Moore | Feb 22, 2012

People love their pets. Be it a cat, dog, hamster or goldfish, most U.S. residents have some kind of non-human companion sharing their home. According to a survey by the American Pet...


Training Your Cat to Use a Toilet

Posted by David Aaron Moore | Feb 12, 2012

The thought of a feline urinating on a ceramic bowl generally reserved for the passing of human waste seems to conjure up endless gales of laughter among most individuals – both...

Pesky Pests Your Pet Can Bring Inside

Posted by David Aaron Moore | Jan 23, 2012

Did you know in less than the blink of an eye a single flea is actually capable of jumping more than an entire foot? That’s almost 200 times the actual length of the flea's entire...

aneczka bazant/sxc.hu

9 Facts About Mice

Posted by David Aaron Moore | Jan 09, 2012

Lots of people think they’re terrifying, while others find them cute and cuddly. Whatever side of the fence you come down on, the facts about mice and rats can be both alarming and...