Wrinkle-Free Laundry ― Without Ironing

Posted by Linda Merrill | Nov 01, 2011
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Lotus Head/stock.xchngOver time, I've worked out an easy system for keeping my clothes wrinkle-free. As a busy interior designer and blogger, I don't have hours to spend ironing. I'm sharing my iron-free wrinkle-prevention system with you so that you have more time for the things you care about. Here are some Botox-free tips for keeping the wrinkles at bay. 

1. Separate clothes not only by color, but also by fabric content and weight. Washing and drying in cold vs. hot temperatures based on the fiber content is important, as is keeping heavier items away from lighter pieces, which can be crushed under their weight. 

2. The permanent press and gentle cool down dryer cycles will work well for wool and polyester blends. 

3. Don't over dry cotton and linen fabrics. You may use a higher heat dryer, but always remove the items while still slightly damp (very, very slightly) and never allow them to fully dry and then sit around inside the dryer.

4. As soon as you remove the items, give each item a strong snap to remove any excess water and start smoothing out wrinkles. Shirts and blouses should be hung on a hanger (preferably a plastic tubular one) and the seams, collar, cuffs and button plackets should be pulled straight to smooth out the wrinkles. If the shirt has gotten too dry, a fine spray of clean water will help loosen the fibers.

5. Clothes and linens that cannot be hung should also be snap-straightened as above, and then hand pressed on a flat counter. Fold neatly, while continuously pulling any seams or edges straight. A fine spray of water will help relax the fibers, but don't let the items get too wet. If this occurs, throw back in the dryer on high heat for a few minutes and start again.

6. Never cram clothes into an overcrowded closet or drawer, especially when newly laundered. The fibers are still settling down and the items are still prone to easy wrinkling.

7. If items are slightly wrinkled after storing them, you can steam many wrinkles out by running a hot shower and letting the items steam for a while. You can save water and electricity by doing this while you are showing anyway, plus you will reduce the need for ironing.

8. Clothing should always be returned to the closet or drawer as neatly as possible after wear. In most cases, shirts, pants and skirts may be worn a few times between washes, especially if you are quick to spot clean as needed and wear appropriate undergarments. Water and heat cause fibers to break down. Your garments will last longer the less they are subjected to adverse conditions.

This system works for me. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

Linda Merrill is a Networx - http://www.networx.com - writer. Get home & garden ideas like this - http://www.networx.com/article/wrinkle-free-laundry--without-ironing - on Networx.com.

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