Vintage Planters Glam Up the Garden

Flower pots, whether plain or custom painted, are so nice to have out on the porch, or in the yard. And there are so many kinds of containers to enjoy, from thrifted finds to high-end stone. One thing is certain: flower pots can add to, or detract from, the style of your house. Make sure that your choice of flower pots matches the stye of your house. Modern house = modern flower pots. French Country house = vintage flower pots. Right? Right.

A vintage cart holds an herb garden. Photo by bloodstone/

Fortunately, blogger Courtney from French Country Cottage (a great DIY painter near San Francisco) curated a collection of vintage flower pots that she loves. Many of the pots that she chose are not even pots at all. Instead, they are cleverly used random vintage objects that have a whole lot of style and a whole lot of personality. Are you ready to check out some of Courtney's vintage picks? OK, let's roll! (Or, head over to to see Courtney's whole Vintage Planters clipboard.)

The junk garden wheelbarrow: What do you get when you combine a big old vintage wheelbarrow with two big galvanized steel tubs full of pretty flowers? You get something special. All you need is some Thomson's water seal to preserve the chippy finish of an old-fashioned wheelbarrow. If you love this project and can't find a vintage wheelbarrow, feel free to faux finish a new one with a chippy paint job.

The vintage bicycle planter: This is Courtney's own project, and it is a lovely one. Affix two vintage baskets to an old bicycle, one in front and one in back. The bike can be rusty and in disrepair, since you're only using it for decoration. Plant flowers in the baskets. Lean the bike against a tree or something to make it look really spontaneous.

The vintage kettle garden: One of my favorite Canadians generated this idea, Donna from Funky Junk Interiors. This fantastic DIY remodeler turned her vintage kettle collection into funky planters by, um, planting herbs in them. The visual impact of a collection of planters is stronger than a single planter, but a single kettle could look great grouped with other vintage planters.

What's the weirdest thing you have used as a planter? Mine is an old toilet bowl. One, two, three, comments, GO!

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