Valentine's Day: Cheap Ways to Make Your Home More Romantic

Photo: Quacktaculous/Flickr.Ah, Valentine’s Day. That lovely day that can make single people feel left out and couples feel pressured. There is no reason why we can’t have a romantic home all year long, single or coupled. After all, romance is really about celebrating one’s dreams and ambitions via the senses. So, I suggest that regardless of your personal relationship status, it makes sense to create a romantic home that celebrates your personal vision of romance.

Candlelight: It’s Not a Cliche

There is nothing more romantic and inexpensive than candlelight. It’s visually warm and comforting and everyone looks great in it. So, instead of eating by the flickering light of the flat screen, how about turning off the electronics, fire up a few candles and sit at the dinner table and have a conversation with your loved ones? If you have a working fireplace, a romantic picnic on the floor would be a great treat as well.  Romance is about relaxation and taking the time to appreciate what you have. The crackle of the fire, or the flicker of the candlelight will do wonders for your mood. Naturally scented candles like vanilla, cinnamon or lavender are great additions as well.

Romantic Music: Get Some Love in the Air

Create a playlist of beautiful music on your MP3 player or Pandora app. Whether it’s cool jazz, pop standards or classical – whatever speaks to you is right. If your home is generally a noisy place with lots of commotion or television sets blaring, try to establish a quiet time at least once per day for listening to music or even just having quiet conversation. Enjoying the moment is romantic and costs nothing.

Red Wine, Good Beer and Dark Chocolate

Keep some tasty treats on hand for those special moments. A stash of quality chocolates, a good bottle of wine or champagne or even an imported beer served in a beautiful manner is romantic. A special dish or glass will enhance the experience. Savoring quality in the small things doesn’t have to be expensive and periodic indulgences won’t break the bank.

Make an Away-from-Home Space in Your Home

Travel is romantic -- especially the idea of travel (because, these days the reality of travel is far from it!). If there is a destination that makes you swoon, honor it in your home.  If you’ve traveled to destinations that speak to you of romance, create a place in your home or your schedule to indulge in that romantic feeling. A great meal or even just a movie that takes you away is romantic. Think of the movie “Out of Africa,” widely considered to be one of the most romantic movies made, which featured the romance of the African landscape, the simple joys of having your lover wash your hair or soaring in a plane holding hands, all to the sounds of a lush soundtrack. A trip to Africa may be expensive, but a movie night at home is not. Dreams of far away places are free. Filling your home with souvenir’s of your past adventures is a great way to bring on the romance of the exotic.

Romance is personal and is different for all individuals. By establishing moments of romance throughout the year and creating romantic “touch points” in the home, you will have them to fall back on during the inevitable stressful times that we all have. Don’t only focus on Valentine’s Day as your one opportunity for romance. Let it be the kickoff to a new, romantic home life.

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