Upgrade a Bedroom From Big Kid Room To Teen Hangout

highfithome/flickrWhere does the time go? When you're expecting a new bundle of joy, you invest so much time, effort and money creating the perfect space to welcome them. You spend crazy money on cribs and diaper organizers and hours of your time deciding between monkeys, elephants, clouds or farm animals as a theme. And before you know it, their crib is switched out for a bigger bed and diaper organizers are replaced with blocks and coloring books and action figures.

And if you’re reading this, it probably means that bedroom is due for another upgrade, this time to accommodate your (gasp!) teenager. Teens tend to spend a lot more time in their rooms than they did when they were younger and crave privacy and alone time in a space that feels safe, comfortable and uniquely their own. To help your adolescent create the space that makes the most sense for them, consider some of these “teenager approved” ideas to make the shift from “kid room” to “teen hang out space.”


Call on a professional painter to give the room a more mature feel by replacing those babyish pastels with a sophisticated warm brown or teal blue. Consider a pop of color on an accent wall, or use chalkboard paint to create a wall where they can write and draw without ruining the walls. Removable wall decals or hanging neon signs can add a fun and upbeat energy to the room, and give it a modern and trendy vibe.

Incorporate Modern Design Trends

Mixing and matching bold colors, textures and patterns, using brass instead of chrome, and using large photographs as art pieces are popular design trends that are commonly seen in many of the houses for sale in Key Biscayne and other cities that are always on top of the trends. Incorporating these easy design ideas can give your teen’s room the modern edge they are looking for.

Stay Organized

By now, you have probably accepted that a “clean room” means something totally different to you than it does to them. By giving them plenty of storage space, you can encourage them to keep their room organized and picked up. Under-the bed-storage bins, hidden shelves and drawers, hanging organizers and storage benches are functional ways to keep things organized while still maintaining a “cool” atmosphere in the room.

Make It A Cool Place To Chill

There aren’t a whole lot of things teens are more excited about than their friends. Having a room where they can lounge with their friends is very important, and transforming their average bedroom into a cool hangout spot is easy to do. Futons that convert into couches, beanbags and shaggy rugs all make comfortable and stylish places for teens to hang out.  Rope lighting, a mini fridge, TV, computer and plenty of pictures of their friends and their adventures can be added to your teen’s room to create a positive and welcoming place for your child and his/her friends.

Create A Study Space

When it’s time for friends to go home and time to buckle down to the homework, a quiet and organized study area will help your teen to focus and encourage healthy study habits. A corkboard, wall calendar or dry erase board on the wall can help them keep their dates and activities organized; a unique floor or desk lamp can add light and spunk to the room; and easily accessible outlets for their phones and computers are all simple and inexpensive ways to create a study space in your teen’s bedroom.

Work Together

Make sure transforming your teenager’s bedroom into something more fitting for their age and style is something you do together. Let them lead when it comes to design elements, and offer suggestions without being too pushy. It can be hard to get rid of some of the toys and other items that were a staple of their childhood, but cleaning out the clutter will be good for both parent and teen. Upgrading their room can be a bonding experience for the two of you, and can help ease the transition from one life stage to the next.

Guest post by Kaya Wittenburg, Founder and CEO of Sky Five Properties.

Updated July 30, 2018.

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