Universal Garage Door Opener Reviews

Jan 01, 2011
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Before universal garage door openers were invented, opening a garage door meant purchasing the right kind of remote for the type of door that you owned. When the universal garage door opener remote was invented, homeowners could easily purchase any universal remote for any kind of garage door. Needless to say, this small invention made garage door life a lot easier. Only, some remotes work far better than others, and some claim to be universal, though they really don’t work on every kind of garage door. Below, you’ll find some popular universal remotes along with unbiased consumer ratings.

Skylink 69N Universal Garage Door Remote Control
  • Skylink 69N Universal Garage Door Remote Control: This remote is small and compact, and it can operate up to 100 feet away from your garage door. The Skylink remote works with most garage door brands, and it has gained a positive consumer rating across the board. The best thing about this remote is the price tag, which is under $30.

LiftMaster 375LM Universal Garage Door Opener
  • LiftMaster 375LM Universal Garage Door Opener: This universal remote is truly efficient, since it can operate two different doors at the same time; it can even operate two different types of garage doors at the same time! The LiftMaster comes with a one-year warranty, plus a sturdy lithium battery. What more could you want?

Chamberlain KLIK1U Clicker Transmitter
  • Chamberlain KLIK1U Clicker Transmitter: The ChamberlainKLIK1U is slightly less popular than other Chamberlain products. Consumer complaints include the fact that one must be directly in front of a garage door (within five feet) in order to open the door. Also, this universal garage door opener remote may not work with all garage doors.

Even though many different companies claim to manufacture remotes that are universal, it’s important to read manufacturer directions before attempting to use any universal garage door opener remote. Some manufacturers detail the types of doors that a remote will open, and this will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Otherwise, try out any of the remotes listed above. Most consumers decide to purchase a universal garage door opener remote that works on any door at a distance (don’t forget to look for remotes that include two openers if you have two garage doors). When it comes to auniversal garage door opener remote, having one remote that can open any garage door is truly a lifesaver.

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