Super Cool Kitchen Island Ideas

    Tiger wood island with hidden cook top by j.t. Dufour Design LLC via Jamie D./ custom kitchen island is often the cornerstone of a kitchen remodel. Modern kitchen design often centers everything in the kitchen at the island, from cooktop to dishwasher to sink. Some kitchen islands even have builtin dishwasher drawers or mini refrigerators. Intrepid DIYers are building their own radically inventive kitchen islands out of scrap materials, while high-end builders are pulling out all the stops with kitchen islands that have everything, including the kitchen sink. Looking for cool kitchen island ideas? You've come to the right place.

    Here are 5 of the coolest kitchen island ideas imaginable.

    1. Long, narrow granite island with butcher block table extension: This kitchen island design by Atlanta Design & Build, an Atlanta remodeling company, is truly multifunctional. Atlanta Design & Build made the most of a long, narrow kitchen by installing a long, narrow kitchen island. The island has a builtin sink, as well as an attached butcher block table. It functions as both a food preparation area and a comfortable breakfast bar. The island also comprises a second, lower granite countertop on the opposite side, creating another multifunctional zone for food prep or eating. The way it's set up, with two lower table sections flanking a higher traditional kitchen island, Mom or Dad could prepare dinner, while the kids do homework on both ends of the island, and everyone has enough room.

    2. End-grain butcher block kitchen island with builtin microwave oven and open shelving: This might be the coolest kitchen island I have seen. Imagine a huge, chunky end-grain Boos block. Place it atop a French-country-finished kitchen island with a builtin microwave oven and tons of builtin open shelving. It's as amazing as it sounds. Both distinctive-looking (my jaw dropped!) and a multitasker, this kitchen island design idea is a gourmet home cook's dream come true. You could roll out a piecrust big enough to feed a rugby team on the countertop. If you're adding a kitchen island, talk to your electrician about installing an electrical hookup for a microwave in the island, like this one has. It is a major space saver.

    3. Anthropologie-inspired gourmet kitchen island: Although the homeowner chose a gorgeous thick granite slab for the countertop for her long, narrow kitchen island, this type of design would work swimmingly with a concrete countertop. The substantial kitchen island can seat twelve people, making it functional as a banquet table, as well as a huge food prep area. For culinary whizzes, a long uninterrupted expanse of countertop, right smack in the middle of the kitchen, is the perfect place to entertain. While you cook, your guests can relax at the island on tall bar stools.

    4. Concrete countertop with custom sinks: Custom concrete surfaces allow for an unbelievable array of aesthetic and functional options. This custom kitchen island was built by Burco Surface & Decor, an Atlanta concrete contractor. A unique tree design that is pressed into the countertop adds an earthy touch to this modern piece. Two sinks, one that's a fun artistic shape and the other with an industrial kitchen spray arm, make the counter both functional and absolutely gorgeous. Stunning kitchen island ideas like this one are what remodeling dreams are made of.

    5. Super modern multi-functional wood island with hidden cooktop: This block-shaped island is made of exotic tiger wood, with gorgeous striations. Hidden underneath the large countertop is a pullout cook surface and huge sink. For entertaining, just roll the cooking surface underneath the island. When full functionality is needed, family and guests can sit at one side of the island, while the cook works on the other. It's a truly modern, space-efficient innovation. A little bit Jetsons, it stays down to earth with its natural wood finish.

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    Updated December 5, 2018.

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