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    Concrete polishing is used more for commercial flooring than residential flooring, but polishing is quickly becoming more popular in residential applications, as more homeowners realize the cost benefit and easy no-wax advantage of concrete polishing. The beautiful shine that concrete polishing creates means that there is rarely a need to wax the polished floor. Some new high-gloss finishes never need to be waxed or have coatings applied in order to keep their shine. The polishing process is similar to sanding. Large machines are used to grind down the the concrete surface to the smoothness and shine desired.

    Here are some other great qualities of concrete floor polishing:

    • Low maintenance
    • Bright, clean and glossy finish
    • Easy to clean; the best choice is a neutral pH cleanser
    • Can be finished off with different levels of sheen, from matte to mirror-like
    • Unlimited color and texture options
    • Option to embed objects into the concrete for an individual look
    • Looks great with decorative borders and designs

    Some Additional Information:

    Almost any structurally sound concrete floor can be polished. Keep in mind:

    • Before polishing new concrete, you must wait until the concrete has cured to sufficient hardness (generally 14 to 28 days after placement).
    • Existing floors that need extensive patching or are extremely soft and porous may not be good candidates for polishing.
    • For badly spalled surfaces, you may need to remove the surface layer of concrete using a scarifier.
      (Source: concrete-floors.org)

    polished concrete floor

    Concrete Polishing by JL Designs
    Simi Valley, CA

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