Plumbing: Digital Control Shower Systems

Designers and product specialists pick the best digital shower systems.

Posted by Linda Merrill | May 25, 2011
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Photo: THERMASOLOne of the latest trends in bathroom design is digital control shower systems. On the face of it, this may seem to be a pure luxury product where one can flick a switch for the perfect lighting, music and water temperature. For fans of long hot showers with plenty of showerhead configurations, these systems are up to the challenge.

However, precise control over heat and water usage has environmental benefits as well, and it's worth considering digital control for that reason alone. Depending on the model installed, everyone in the home can pre-set their personal preferences for water temperature and flow rate, lighting, music and room temperature. Precise control means less waste as water runs down the drain while we're fiddling with the knobs, finding our preferred temperatures. 

Kohler's DTV Shower System

Danielle Jones of Snow & Jones showroom in Norwell, MA is a fan of Kohler's DTV Shower System, which allows up to six users to preset their shower preferences. "The DTV lets users program their temperature and can handle up to six outlets/shower heads, using up to 21 gallons of water per minute," says Jones. "The control is easy to use and has a clear digital screen. The DTV is a great option for those looking for multiple outlets, media options, and a love for technology."  DIY Resource:

Likewise, Michelle Drenckhahn of Spacial Adaptations in Minneapolis, MN is also a fan of the Kohler DTV shower. "I have specified the Kohler digital interface because it is clean looking, affordable & easy to use. It also has the ability to control two valves/heads separately or together, which I love! As a designer who focuses in green practices, I also appreciate the warm-up & countdown modes for conserving water, not to mention the added luxury."

Moen's ioDigital™ Shower Control

Danielle Jones is also a fan on Moen's ioDigital™ Shower Control for those who are looking for a simpler digital option. Up to four users can program in their shower preferences including volume, or flow, of water. Additionally, says Jones, the small control "provides easy adjustments and is simple to use."  DIY Resource:

Watermark Designs's Luxury Shower System

Launched just last week at the HD Expo in Las Vegas is Brooklyn-based Watermark Designs Luxury Shower System. Programmable for up to nine users, the LSS offers a full-color digital touch flush mount screen with the ability to control shower lights, up to 4 shower outlets, connection to any audio device, water temperature, water consumption and shower duration. "The LSS takes the custom showering experience and turns it up a notch," says Jack Abel, vice-president and co-owner of Watermark. "It offers the perfect combination of technology, water conservation, water heating efficiencies and the personalized craftsmanship that Watermark ID is known for."


GROHE offers a wall-mounted digitally operated hand-held shower system called Ondus, that offers six function options including: water flow and temperature controls, start and pause, programmable auto shut-off, Grohe SafeStop at 100ºF, and his and hers dual-spray shower head. This is a great entry-product in the field.

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