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    If you’ve decided your walls need a serious makeover, a professional cleansing might be needed before you start painting. Sandblasting is a service that professional painters and contractors can provide for people who want to ensure that their surfaces are clean and uniform before applying paint.

    Why Would I Need Sandblasting Services?

    The process of sandblasting is done by forcing (or blasting) solid particles across a surface at a high speed, which cleans, shapes and smooths hard surfaces – much like sandpaper. However, the machine yields a more even and clean finish than sandpaper. It is one of the most reliable ways to remove and clean rust, corrosion and other grime. An experienced sandblaster can also use this tool to clean brick and stone, though it’s usually reserved for metal and concrete surfaces. Sandblasting services can also be used to create 3D images on signs and other hard surfaces. This specialty application is great for adding artistic touches like gold leaf overlay, frosted glass or a smalt (crushed glass) background.

    How Does a Sandblaster Work?

    A sandblaster consists of two parts: the chamber where air and sand are mixed and a hand-held nozzle used to direct the mixture while spraying. While sand is traditionally used, it can create a dusty mess if used over large areas. New technology uses a variety of other mixtures that make less of a mess, including glass beads, copper slag, metal pellets and even some organic materials like ground coconut or walnut shells.

    Sandblasters are best operated by experienced professionals. These instruments, while capable of creating beautiful surfaces, can also create damage if not used properly. It’s always safer for sandblasting to be done in a controlled environment using ventilation, protective clothing and even a breathing air supply due to the amount of dust that sandblasting creates. Certified painters and sandblasters know exactly how to safely and efficiently use these tools to prepare your walls for a perfect new paint job. Or for smaller surfaces, you can look up specialized sandblasting and painting facilities near you.

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