Non-Chemical Pest Control Methods Work

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Jan 01, 2011
mouse trap

Across the nation people suffer from pest infestations. Whether you live in a warm climate like Garland, Texas where homes have dangerous scorpions or spiders, or you live in a cooler climate like Seattle, where homeowners experience rats and raccoons, you’ll want to eliminate these pesky creatures. But using harsh chemicals can be damaging to the environment and dangerous to you and your family. Luckily there are a few natural alternatives that can deter insects as well as a number of household items that you can use.


For rodents such as mice, rats, raccoons and squirrels, traps are the most effective non-chemical method. There are humane traps that capture the animal alive as wells as traps that kill the animal. However, the traps that kill are usually only fit for smaller animals.


For ants, red chili powder and dry peppermint are good non-chemical solutions. They can be crushed and applied to areas where ants enter to ward them off.


Cockroaches can be kept away by crushing and sprinkling bay leaves or garlic. The latter will also repel a number of other insects.


If your home is full of flies make sure your windows and doors have screens on them and that they are not damaged or open. In addition, crushed citrus skin can be dispersed throughout your kitchen or any area to ward off flies.


Similar to flies, the best way to prevent mosquitoes from biting you is to keep them out with screens. Mosquitoes like still air so a breeze from an open window or fan will prevent them from landing on you. In addition, remove any standing water from inside or around your house as this is where they breed. If they persist, Herbal Armor is a non-toxic DEET-free repellent which wards off mosquitoes.


Though most spiders are harmless and actually eat a host of other more annoying insects, many people can’t stand them around. One way to keep them out of your home is to spray citrus oil in spider-prone areas.


Aside from Herbal Armor which was mentioned above, EcoSmart is another brand with a line of natural, plant-based pesticides for both indoor and outdoor use to ward off pests.

The best offense is a good defense. Preventing pest from entering your home in the first place is the best form of natural pesticide. To do this, always store food in sealed containers, use a garbage can with a lid, and remove the trash from your home frequently.

In addition, it’s important to maintain your home. Hire a plumber to repair leaky pipes or sinks which can attract pests. Be sure to stop up holes and gaps that enable insects and rodents to enter your home.

Unfortunately, non-chemical pest control methods cannot always solve your problem. If you attempt these solutions and they don’t work, it may be time to use chemical pesticides or hire a professional exterminator. If you choose to use chemical pesticides on your own be sure to use as little as possible, keep children and pets away from the treated area and make sure to follow the instructions and warnings on the label.

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