New Trends in Outdoor Lighting for Higher Home Value

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Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Sep 01, 2009
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Exterior lighting fixtures are a relatively quick and easy way to raise your home value. Both practical and beautiful, outdoor lights make your house safer. If placed properly by a well-trained electrician, they can highlight your house with an air of sophistication and romance. Potential buyers will notice your well-placed outdoor lights. An electrician can install outdoor lighting fixtures, like porch lights, deck lights, and garden lights, within a day. Your home will look newer and more appealing during the day and at night. Ambient light just might be the ticket to a sale above your home's value.

Deck Lighting

If you have invested in a wooden deck, you can get the most from your home improvement investment by installing lights on it. Deck lights increase security and enhance the beauty of your home's exterior. The new deck lighting options on the market offer style and aesthetic appeal to your house. The new low-voltage outdoor lighting options are safer and more resilient to weather than ever. Check out these great exterior deck lighting options, and call a qualified electrician to install them:

  • Recessed Deck Lights: Recessed deck lights are costly, but they are a sure way to raise the value of your home. They are a worthwhile investment that will add mega curb appeal. If you want to light up your deck without making a visual impact, recessed deck lights are equally unobtrusive and functional. These fixtures sit flush on the surface of your deck. They are made of strong plastics and handle foot-traffic well. Learn more about recessed deck lights.
  • Deck Post Caps: Adding light fixtures to the top of your railing posts is a way to increase home value, and offers a decorative edge in the daytime, and a subtle, romantic source of light at night. Deck post cap lights exist in a variety of materials and styles. View post caps.
  • Deck Post Lights: These are lights that are actually embedded in the sides of your deck posts. Lighting the bottoms of your posts is a creative way to light up your deck and increase house value. You can install lights on your posts that are recessed into the posts or are mounted on the surface.
  • Deck Lanterns: If your deck is covered, consider hanging lanterns from the ceiling. Outdoor hanging lighting can enhance the style of your home and improve home value. Gone are the days of clunky hanging patio lights - the variety of modern and sleek hanging deck lights, from tiny LED lights to designer stainless steel, will complement even the most modern home design. View trendy deck lanterns.

Solar Landscaping Lighting

Solar landscaping lighting is revolutionizing residential landscape lighting. It is a green way to increase home value. In the old days, installing outside lighting involved digging trenches and installing wires, on top of adding to one's electric bill. Solar lighting is portable and requires no additional infrastructure because each light has its own photovoltaic cell. The photovoltaic cell absorbs sunlight during the day, which it stores in a battery. At night, the light draws power from the battery. You can install solar landscape lighting yourself. Click here for information on other solar home innovations.

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