Master Bedroom Furniture

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Apr 29, 2010 | Linda Merrill

Too often, the master bedroom can become the dumping ground for old cast-off furniture, unsorted laundry, kids toys and the like. It's no wonder that some people suffer from insomnia. The master bedroom should be an oasis of calm and a true retreat from the hassles of every day living. Whatever your personal living situation, an adult master bedroom is a must. And it is one of the few places in the home where the inhabitant(s) can truly express their own personalities.

Of course, couples do need to do some negotiating on that score, but with clear communications, there is no reason why any couple can't create their own personal Shangri-la.

Master bedroom furniture comes in all styles and finishes. Step one is to determine what appeals visually and comfort wise. Clearly, all bedrooms have beds, so let's start there.

A mark of true luxury, an upholstered headboard sets the stage for a beautiful bedroom design. Headboards can be upholstered in fabric, suede or leather. Surprisingly, they are not as expensive as one might think and can even be a great DIY project if you're handy with wood and tools.

Bed Options for Master Bedrooms

Canopy beds have been around since people started sleeping in beds. They are stylish and warm and can create a real cocoon feeling in a room. They can be romantic with lots of draped fabrics or austere "rooms within a room".

Traditional wooden beds with headboard and footboard are the true classics of master bedroom furniture. They are sturdy and practical and can be dressed to the nines, or covered in a simple white down blanket.

Bedside Tables

Of course, beds should have nightstands. It's important to have two nightstands flanking the bed, regardless of whether both are used. This is good Feng Shui and good symmetry. You can have a matched set of nightstands, or a complementary pair. It's important, however, that they balance one another well and are of similar height and overall size. It's also important that the nightstand be a proper height relative to the bed so that when lying down, it's easy to reach over for a book or to turn off the light.

A classic nightstand has a drawer or two for storage and perhaps a bottom shelf for stacks of books or magazines. A 30" tall nightstand makes it a great complement to today's higher beds and mattresses. Bombay chests make great nightstands. They are curvy and stylish and usually have lots of additional storage.

One of the easiest nightstands going is just a basic small round table with a decorative skirt. These are charming additions to a bedroom and provide excellent hidden storage. Even a simple chair can work as a unique little nightstand if the height and over-all scale of the piece works with the size of the bed.

Choosing the Right Dresser

The classic dresser and bureau rounds out the necessary master bedroom furniture pieces. The size of these items truly depends on how much flat fold storage you need. Some master closets have so much space and efficient storage options that additional furniture is not actually necessary.

Additional Master Bedroom Furniture

Additional furnishings for the master can include a cozy seating area with lounge chairs or a small sofa which makes a great spot for reading, relaxing or private conversation. The master bedroom should be considered adult space. It's not a work area (pay your bills somewhere else!) or a playground. At any budget, one can achieve a comfortable and restful space that provides a great transition from daytime stress to nighttime rejuvenation. A final tip: the furniture does not have to match, but it's one of the few places left where a matching set still works well. So, whatever your preference, make it your own.

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