Making a Wreath Out of Peeps

Peeps wreath and photo by Kelly of Eclectically Vintage via used to be good for eating, as far as I knew. Those sugar-covered marshmallow birdies were a seasonal treat that came around every spring, and then went on sale after Easter. That, of course, means that a lot of us (including me) grew up eating Peeps not before, but after Easter, when they were 99 cents per pack at CVS. They tasted even better when they were a bit stale and crunchy; don't ask me why, and I know that's gross.

Peeps, unlike their contemporary, candy cigarettes, survived the ages and are still as popular as ever. The DIY crafting movement, it seems, is fueling their popularity. Also, it doesn't hurt that all things nostalgically twee are in vogue. What could be more cute, and slightly ironic, than neon colored marshmallow bunnies and birds?

A few crafty craftsters on posted photos of their wreaths made of Peeps. "Well this is just the cleverest thing I've seen," thought I, and proceeded to write this here article. When I think of wreaths, I totally think of...marshmallows. No, I don't, which is what makes a wreath made of Peeps so cool. Make one of these before everyone else does. If you wait too long, you'll have to make your wreath out of saltwater taffy. Wait, that's actually a good idea.

Kelly (a DIY remodeler in NYC) from Eclectically Vintage posted her awesome yellow Peeps wreath on Hometalk. You can also check out her full blog post about how to make a wreath out of Peeps. Basically, the process is like this: You take a Styrofoam wreath, and you stick Peeps all over it with toothpicks. This is one of the many household uses for toothpicks. Then you hang it up with a ribbon, tied with a bow. Obviously, you don't need to be a professional carpenter to do this project, which also makes it cool.

If you are reading this in syndicate, now would be a great time to click over to the original article on so that you can see the great big picture of Kelly's Peeps wreath that I'm posting below. Ready, set, get crafting!

Photo by Kelly from Eclectically Vintage via

Chaya Kurtz writes for Thanks to Kelly from Eclectically Vintage.

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