How to Install a Ceiling Fan









Step 1

Before you begin to install a ceiling fan, make sure that you have shut the power off to the circuit you will be using. Also make sure the ceiling fan that you are going to install is the right size for the room. It is always a good idea to read the manufacturer's instruction manual before installing a ceiling fan; some manufacturers may require a specific installation process.

Step 2

If there is an existing light fixture in the room, remove that fixture. A preexisting light fixture gives you an advantage, since there should already be a metal junction box in the ceiling where you can install the ceiling fan. But make sure the junction box is not plastic. If there was no light fixture in the room, you can install a metal cross brace through a rough opening in your ceiling and then attach an approved workbox to the metal brace.

Step 3

Once the mounting of the box is complete, you can now start to assemble the ceiling fan. Again, depending on the type of fan, the assembly may be different - so it's recommended you read the instruction manual. A good trick to remember for assembling the fan is if the space between the ceiling and the blades is shorter than a screwdriver's length, attach the blades to the fan before hanging the fixture.

Step 4

Next, attach the hanging frame, or bracket with a 'J' hook, to the fan box. This will allow you to hang the motor while you are connecting the wires.

Step 5

With an existing light fixture, the wires should already be wired to a switch, which will make the next step easier. Hook the wires using wire nuts. Normally, this is as simple as connecting the 2 black wires to each other, connecting the 2 white wires and connecting the 2 ground wires. Ground the fan and the metal box using the grounding wires.

Step 6

Once the wires are connected, finish the assembly according to the specific manufacturer's instructions. Turn the breaker back on and check to see if the fan functions properly. If the fan does not work at all, most likely you have a loose wire connection. If the fan wobbles, check the fan's instructions for balancing the fan blades.

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