Hiring a Handyman to Fix a Door

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A handyman is a person you can hire to perform small chores in and around your property, including such tasks as repairs, installation, and painting. Handymen work either as independent contractors or as employees of a larger business. Often they’re licensed (in fact, licensing is legally required in several states), but are usually prohibited from performing certain specialized jobs, such as electrical work, or large projects over a certain dollar value. So the answer to the question of whether you can hire a handyman to fix a door is a definite “yes.”

Why Hire a Handyman to Fix a Door

The benefits when you hire a screened, reliable handyman to fix a door are numerous. You’ll know that your door repair or replacement is in expert hands. Once the work is successfully completed, your home will be more secure, comfortable, and energy-efficient. You won’t have to struggle and strain with doors that are difficult to open or close. When you are ready to sell your home, an attractive, smoothly functioning front door is an essential element of curb appeal.

Types of Door Repair

Before you call a handyman to fix your door, note the details of the problem and take a photo, if that’s relevant. That way you can describe the issue, to save time and make sure the handyman brings the necessary tools and supplies.

Most handymen can assist with correcting a wide variety of door related issues, for example:

  • “sticky” doors
  • cracked wood doors
  • damaged jambs
  • dented metal doors
  • door handle that is too tight or too loose
  • drafts coming in under or around a door
  • malfunctioning doorbell
  • misalignment
  • non-working door latches
  • problems with the strike plate and related parts
  • rotted or otherwise damaged doorframes
  • rusted, broken, loose, or squeaky door hinges
  • shattered or cracked glass panels
  • sliding closet or patio doors which have slid off-track

Door Installation and Replacement

Sometimes, a door is so badly worn or damaged that repair is no longer a cost-effective solution. In that case, it needs to be replaced. Another reason for door replacement or installation is when you’re updating a room. For instance, you might decide that your master suite closet will be more convenient if you have the current door replaced with a pocket door.

Once again, a good handyman will get this job done quickly and expertly, including removal and disposal of the old door, as needed. Here are types of door installation tasks which you can delegate to your handyman:

  • interior and entry doors
  • sliders
  • pocket doors
  • shower doors
  • pet doors
  • safety and security accessories – automatic door closers, peephole and chain or deadbolt lock

Painting or Staining a Door

Hiring an expert handyman to paint or stain a door will give it a nice, fresh new look in a stylish color. But beyond appearance, this type of treatment is also a part of regular maintenance that will keep your door in good shape and possibly extend its usable lifetime, especially for entry doors which are made of wood. Have your handyman treat wooden entry doors with high quality paint or other finish designed for exterior use. Paint that provides protection against UV rays is best if your door is exposed to strong sunlight.

 Updated March 6, 2018.

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