Tips on Cleaning Your Garage


Wondering what's the best, most efficient way to clean out your garage? We've got answers that will simplify the often dreaded task of cleaning and organizing a garage. A good time for garage cleaning, especially if you use a lot of the garage space as storage, is in the fall or spring. At the start of these seasons, homeowners take out or put away lawn equipment, lawn furniture and bikes.

A properly functioning garage door will help keep your garage organized. A good quality garage door will help keep the dust and dirt out better than an older garage door. If you are thinking of replacing your garage door then you will need to find a professional garage door installer to make sure the door is installed properly.

To help keep your garage organized during the year, use some of the great garage organizing products available in many stores and in many sizes. From bike racks to tool-organizing racks and mini-plastic sheds, there are organizational products that are often well worth the investment. Your tools, bikes and lawn equipment will all last longer if properly stored and cleaned. Another maintenance tip which will help cut down on cleaning time is to put some sand over oil spots, even small ones, when you notice them throughout the year. Consider having the garage floor painted. If the garage floor is concrete, a popular and inexpensive trend is to have the floor painted by a professional painter. There are even special paints which are formulated for painting concrete floors. It's a great way to keep the garage looking good and makes washing the garage floor a smoother process.

Simple Garage Cleaning

1. Remove everything. It's better not to take any shortcuts and to remove absolutely everything, even bikes and lawn furniture hanging form the ceiling. This will make steps 2 and 3 a lot easier.

2. Sweep it out! Keep a separate broom for outside/garage use.

3. Power wash/ pressure wash the garage, even the ceiling. This works well for removing spider webs and any dust that is in the corner of the ceiling and walls.

4. Patch up any cracked paint spots on the floor.

5. Put it all back. This is your chance to get some good organizing done. Make use of storage bins and racks. Remember: The more organized you are when putting everything away, the easier it will be to keep a clean garage.

Do you need an extra hand to help with your garage cleaning? If so, find a trustworthy and reliable cleaning person so you know it will be done right.

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