Funky DIY Tea Light Holders

Mason jar tealight holders by via to be clear, these funky candle crafts won't necessarily help you to save money. If you are looking to save money by making your own candles, you'll need to invest in some bulk candle-making supplies, including bulk wax, wicks, and firesafe jars or tins. These projects utilize prefabricated candles (tealights), which can be bought in bulk. Never buy tealights at a premium candle retailer. They are available much cheaper, in big bags, at supermarkets and craft stores. I have even seen bulk bags of tea lights at my local hardware store.

Where and how to display tealights is a fun topic to divert your mind to. Perhaps you are planning a dinner party; or perhaps you want to crank up the romantic vibes for an evening. Tealights are noncommittal candles. They are flat, easy to store, and don't burn for too long. Even if you are not a candle person, keeping some tealights around for an emergency dinner (or whatever) is a good idea. It will make you look more stylish than you really are. Trust me. I have used this trick myself many times.

These three DIY tealight holders are easy to make, and only require pantry supplies (you might have the supplies you need right in your own pantry).

Mason jar tealights: Mason jars with simple spray glass frosting are perfectly rustic-chic tealight holders. If you don't want to deal with frosting the glass, then there are plenty of ways to use plain Mason jars as tealight holders. You can fill the jars with sand or pebbles for a beachy look; you can paint the jars; you can use them plain because you are so minimalist. There is no wrong way to put a tealight in a Mason jar. The small jars are especially cute.

Fruit or vegetable holder for tealight: A hollowed out fruit or vegetable makes a fun, easy, and compostable tealight holder. The project that I linked to is a mini-pumpkin tealight holder, but that's just one idea. You also can make a tealight holder out of any vegetable or fruit that can be cut so that the bottom is flat. Artichokes make especially elegant tealight holders. Orange or lemon halves emit a fresh smell when you burn a tealight in them.

Vintage tart pan tealight: Blogger Sania Pell melted three tealights into a vintage tart pan to create a tart pan tealight. She pushed three tea lights out of their metal rings, and she placed them in a vintage tart pan. Over very low heat, she melted the tea lights in the tart pan a little bit, then pushed the wax flat into one soild candle. She then let the wax harden. It is a clever project that uses only things that she had in her pantry.

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