Feng Shui for Office Cubicles

I transformed my cubicle using Ann's Feng Shui tips. --ChayaCan good Feng Shui exist in an office cubicle? I was asked this question by Chaya, Networx.com's editor, who sent me a few photos of her cube, where she publishes articles about homes, gardens and contractors, in downtown Manhattan.

The answer is an emphatic “Yes!” In fact creating good Feng Shui in your cube can be the key to helping you achieve your work goals, one of which is undoubtedly to move out of the cube. Here are six essential steps to bringing good Feng Shui into your cubicle.

1. Take advantage of the walls of your cube to showcase your work and professional mission.

Good Feng Shui begins with clarity of purpose. It’s important to make it visually clear why you are at work, and what you wish to accomplish in your job.

The walls of most cubes are set up for posting things, so take advantage of it by putting up images of your goals and successes. If you manage a team, put up your organizational chart; if you work on new product development, post your latest creations. If you’re new to your job, show the types of successes you wish to achieve. Keep the images fresh, rotating out older material and replacing it with updated images.

I also suggest posting your business card in front of you as you work, as a reminder of your pride in your job.

Your success-imagery has the additional Feng Shui benefit of nourishing, motivating and inspiring you at work.

2. Place a sign with your name on the outside of your cube so you can easily be found among the many cubicles on the office floor.  Colleagues, visitors and good Chi energy (the energetic force that powers everything in the universe) will appreciate the welcome you provide with this simple action. 

3. Streamline your workday by decluttering your surroundings.  Keep only the things you need and use every day on top of your desk.

4. Add a note of your personality with meaningful art. What kinds of images lift your spirits every time you look at them? You may want to consider images of Water. In business Feng Shui, Water represents cash flow, with goldfish representing prosperity. (This is why aquariums are so popular in the offices of corporate executives.)

5. Minimize interruptions with a “Do Not Disturb” sign when the need arises. One of the hardest things about working in a cube is the constant possibility of disruption; good Feng Shui helps you concentrate and get your work done with a minimum of disturbance. (A lighthearted way to do this? Use a hotel doorknob sign.) 

If you face away from the entry to your cube, good Feng Shui calls for a mirror that reflects what’s going on behind you to help you relax and concentrate on your work.

6. Apply the Feng Shui Office Bagua Map to use Feng Shui at its deepest, most meaningful level. The Bagua Map is one of Feng Shui’s most important tools; understanding and working with its nine sectors can enhance every part of your business life, from career growth and productivity to networking and financial success. 

This in-depth look at the Office Bagua Map explains exactly how to use it in your cubicle to improve your life at work.

This was my cubicle before the Feng Shui tips from Ann Bingley Gallops. It was kind of a disaster. --Chaya


This is my cube after. I feel much more clearheaded and relaxed here now. It cost me a whopping $0 to do this! --Chaya



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