Feng Shui for Bathrooms

This photo shows my bathroom, with the Wood element represented in the beautiful silk flower arrangement on the right.

When you create a bathroom with good Feng Shui, you enhance and improve your life in important ways.

In fact bathrooms are a major topic in Feng Shui. As a Feng Shui consultant I’ve found that some of the biggest challenges my clients face are connected to the bathroom: where it’s located, how it’s furnished and decorated, and how it feels to spend time there.

The bathroom has special significance in Feng Shui because this is where you clean yourself, inside and out. Here you flush away internal toxins while cleansing and caring for your external self. In the bathroom you have a most intimate relationship with your body so it is excellent Feng Shui to feel supported and nourished there.

In ancient China, where Feng Shui originated, bathrooms were located outside the confines of the home because they were so difficult to keep truly clean. But nowadays we have modern plumbing contractors and bathroom fixtures. It's much easier now to give your bathroom a spa-like feel that adds a sense of luxurious sanctuary to your life, which is always good Feng Shui.

So, what are the keys to creating good bathroom Feng Shui? 

1. A bathroom with good Feng Shui is always spotlessly clean and clutter-free. Here is one place in your home where you definitely don’t want your Chi energy to get stuck! Clear everything from your closet and medicine cabinet. Put back only the things you love and use; discard the rest – especially items whose use-by date has expired! Clean your bathroom thoroughly once a week, always use clean towels and washcloths, and provide guests with high-quality linens when they visit.

2. Balance the Five Elements for good bathroom Feng Shui. Bathrooms are associated with Feng Shui’s Water element, symbolizing spirituality, truth and reflection. Water’s movement is downward and in fact your bathroom contains the most powerful drains in your home in the bathtub, sink and toilet. To counteract this downward flow, balance Water with Wood, the element of upward movement and growth.

Here are a few ways to bring Wood into your bathroom: a healthy live plant or beautiful silk one; items in the color green; wood accessories (a wooden toilet seat perhaps?); and artwork with verticality: a photo of trees, columns, tall buildings or New York City rooftops, for instance. 

3. Now that your bathroom is in great Feng Shui shape, enhance your life by activating the Bagua area in which it’s located. 

Let’s look at two key areas as good examples of how to do this.

Is your bathroom located in your Relationship area?  I once had a client who lived in a house where all three of her bathrooms were located in this key area!  We placed a pair of candlesticks on the back of the toilet in each one, and she reported the glow of a wonderful relationship shortly thereafter.

If your bathroom is in your Wealth area, decorate it with the most luxurious artwork you can find, evoking a feeling of abundance and reminding you of the blessings in your life. 

Finally, don’t forget to keep your toilet lid down to keep your Wealth from flushing away! 

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