When to Hire an Exterior Painting Company

    Exterior painting company

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    Exterior painting companies can help you give your home a necessary facelift. Not only do painters help you add value to your home, exterior painting companies know how to protect your home from the elements. When searching for an exterior painting company, get at least three quotes. Here are a few factors to consider:

    • Quality of Paint
    • Preparation and Damaged Areas
    • Number of Coats of Paint
    • Painting Trim, Doors, Rails, Porch/Deck, etc.
    • Time
    • Reputation
    • Cost

    Quality of Paint

    All of the exterior painting companies will take into account the size of the building, the condition of the surfaces and the type of paint. High-quality paint will last longer, but it will increase the cost of the project. Ask the contractor for the exterior painting company to itemize the types of paint that will be used and then check to be sure that is the paint the painters actually use.

    Preparation and Damaged Areas

    It will cost more to paint a home if the exterior painting company must first do a significant amount of preparation. If peeling paint has to be removed and damaged areas must be repaired, the painters will add these costs to the quote. Make sure that each estimate includes a detailed breakdown so you can compare each one fairly. Another advantage of having a detailed breakdown is that it also provides specific terms to the agreement you have with the exterior painting company.

    Number of Coats of Paint

    If the exterior painting company uses brushes rather than sprayers to paint the house, they may need to do extra coats. Also, if you choose a light paint to cover a dark paint, the painter may have to apply extra coats of paint. More coats means higher cost.

    Painting Trim, Doors, Rails, Porch, Deck, Etc.

    While the painters are updating your exterior, they will also touch up your trim, rails, steps, doors and porch if needed. Most exterior painting companies will recommend a glossier paint for these surfaces than the home’s siding.


    Another factor to consider when choosing an exterior painting company is whether or not they can complete the job in a timely manner.


    Get referrals from each exterior painting company’s clients and call the local licensing agency to see if the company’s licenses are current. Check its ratings on the Better Business Bureau.


    Once you have all the bids from the exterior painting companies, compare the prices while considering all of the above factors.

    All exterior painting companies are not alike. With careful planning and comparison shopping, you will find the perfect exterior painting company for your project.

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