Electrostatic Air Filters

electrostatic filter

Electrostatic filters are known for being one of the best and most efficient filters for cleaning the air in your home. Electrostatic furnace filters are at the top of the list (just under the more costly HEPA indoor air purification systems) of effectiveness when it comes to removing allergens and other harmful pollutants from your indoor air. What's more, unlike other filter types which need to be replaced every few months, a good electrostatic filter should last decades. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice since it cuts back on waste.

Find out more benefits to using electrostatic air filters in the article below. Then speak to a local HVAC contractor about electrostatic furnace filters for your HVAC system.

Energy & Money Saving Benefits

A savings in energy is a direct savings of money for you, and an electrostatic air filter can provide great energy savings. In fact, it is estimated that an electrostatic filter can save up to 15% on your energy bills. This is because the filter works more efficiently, thus helping your HVAC system to work more efficiently, saving you energy and money. Another benefit is that electrostatic furnace filters are intended to be permanent rather than disposable, meaning that you save money by not having to replace your filters very often.

Why They Work so Well

Electrostatic air filters use static electricity to get the dirt out of your air. The electrostatic charge attracts tiny, microscopic household dust particles to electrostatic furnace filters like a magnet. These dust particles contain a wide range of irritants and allergens, including:

  • bacteria
  • dust mites
  • pollen
  • fabric lint
  • plant and mold spores
  • human and pet dander
  • tobacco smoke and more.

Reducing the amount of "bad" air that you breathe will directly affect your health in a positive way and will tremendously benefit any allergic members in your family. An electrostatic air filter is a must for anyone with asthma.


Electrostatic air filters are washable, which is why they are usually a one-time purchase. If you purchase a high-quality filter, you should never have to replace it. A good filter can be washed hundreds of times without diminishing its electrostatic qualities. Most average electrostatic filters need to be cleaned anywhere from once a month to every few months.

Electrostatic Filters: A Lifetime Investment

Some of the best electrostatic air filters on the market today are Lifetime Electrostatic air filters. For more detailed information on these filters, check out Lifetime Electrostatic Filter, where you can learn about one of the best air filtration products available.

Advantages of Electrostatic Filters

  1. 100% arrestance efficiency at stopping pet dander, pollen, dust mites, plant and mold spores

  2. 97% arrestance efficiency at dust collection and control

  3. 95% arrestance efficiency at bacteria removal

  4. Permanent, washable and easy to clean

  5. An effective allergy and asthma relief product for your home or office

  6. Backed by a lifetime warranty and made in the USA

Updated November 20, 2018.

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