DIY Carpentry – Is it Worth it?

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    Carpenters are skilled professionals that have gone through training programs that last between two and four years. In addition, many have gone through apprenticeships and have years of experience under their work belts. Whether you’re looking to build a gazebo, repair furniture or install custom-built cabinets, an experienced carpenter is the way to go. Their knowledge and skill will not only make the finished product look good, but it will provide you with quality, lasting results that will save you the cost and hassle of repairs down the road.

    Do it Yourself

    Many people are handy and have some experience using basic tools. This is an important skill to have because minor repairs can be expensive if you have to call a professional. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have your own set of tools and learn how to do small jobs. These include installing shelves, repairing wooden benches, fixing creaky stairs, and performing small tasks that require either a nail and hammer or a drill and some screws. However, if you don’t have any experience, be sure to have someone assist you or show you what to do before attempting it on your own.

    Hire a Pro

    That being said, homeowners often have much more sophisticated and complex jobs that they need taken care of. Any finish carpentry – the type needed for such projects as cabinet making and furniture building – requires a highly-skilled professional. Furthermore, if you live in a warm climate like Nashville, Tennessee, you may want to hire a professional craftsman to build a deck or patio, or hot tub enclosure. In addition, trim carpentry and other carpentry jobs need to be exact in order to look good. If you attempt to perform these or other complex tasks on your own, you’ll probably be disappointed with the results and will have wasted time, effort, materials and money. For jobs like cabinets and decks, it’s important that someone with experience build these structures because they have to bare weight. If not built correctly they could collapse under pressure, causing damage and possible injury.

    Many carpentry jobs require the use of electric saws, caulking and chemical finishes. If not used properly these can be dangerous. What’s more, some jobs may require the aid of an electrician. Expert carpenters have other contractors with whom they work and can coordinate these tasks. However, if you attempt these projects on your own you’ll either have to learn the different skills involved – something that takes experts many years – or find a reliable electrician and coordinate your work with him. In short, any project that you don’t have experience with and can’t learn how to do in a short time should be left up to professionals.

    Carpentry is a skill which requires years of learning and expertise. While small jobs can be performed with household tools and a little research, major, complex carpentry jobs should best be left to professionals. This will ensure safety, as well as quality results. If you’re thinking to yourself, “how do I locate a carpenter near me to handle this advanced job”, Networx has got you covered.

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