Designer Picks: Christmas Stockings

Interior designer Linda Merrill picks 10 Christmas stocking ideas to dress up your mantel.

Posted by Linda Merrill | Dec 13, 2011
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Janice Minor beaded stockings via Horchow.comWhen I was a little girl, my mother made my brothers and me some amazing felt appliqué Christmas stockings from a kit. My brothers' stockings were in a toy soldier theme and mine was in an angel theme.  Sadly, a certain little girl loved her stocking so much that she was known to wear it around a sometimes wet basement.  Needless to say, Mom's handiwork, along with her mood, was ruined pretty quickly. But, it goes to show how much love and attention can go into this magical Christmas ritual and how important the memory of Christmases long ago can be. Here are 5 to buy and 5 DIY stockings to help make your holiday memories special.


5 Christmas Stockings to Buy


1) Repurposed Burlap Holiday Christmas Stockings: Grain sacking has been very on trend these last few years and Habitation Boheme on Etsy offers a lovely group of repurposed burlap coffee sack Christmas stockings that are one of a kind and sure to charm. Made from natural materials and topped off with a jingle bell. $45.00


Chamberry Cherry/Etsy Whimsical Christmas Stockings: Whimsical Elf stockings by Chamberry Cherry on Etsy come in an assortment of colorful fabrics and are trimmed with beautiful finishing materials. The curl toe shape makes these stockings truly unique and they can be personalized. $65.00


Ballard Designs Personalized Stockings: Another colorful and whimsical offering is from Ballard Designs. Colorful green and red over scale polka dot boots topped with a zippy animal print makes these boots cute enough for kids but still stylish enough for grownups. These stockings can be personalized and also come in pet-sized versions. $25.00


Pottery Barn's Velvet Stocking: These Red or Green Velvet stockings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The elegant velvet in classic green and red is luxurious while the variety of shapes keeps these from being too old-fashioned looking. Customize in a variety of fonts. $16.0


Beaded Christmas Stockings: If glitz-and-glam is your holiday style, Horchow offers a selection of gorgeous beaded and sequined stockings by designer Janice Minor in a variety of elegant cream and green toned fabrics. The beads are applied in a variety of patterns, one more beautiful than the last. $110.00


5 DIY Christmas Stocking Ideas


Martha Stewart's Nutcracker Stockings: The classic Nutcracker Ballet is an enduring Christmas theme and these felted stocking patterns are sure to inspire the budding ballerina. Patterns for soldier boots, ballet shoes and even a toy drum are included. Customize the colors to your interiors or keep them more traditional to the story. It's a good thing.


Martha Stewarts Keepsake Stockings: No one does holiday crafting quite like Martha Stewart and these adorable Keepsake Stockings are charming and quaint as you could want. Simple felt stockings are embellished each year with felt cutouts of a favorite memory or hobby for that year. By the end of childhood, these stockings will tell the story of your child's childhood in a very special way. Just keep them out of reach in the off-season!


Leisure Arts' Crocheted Christmas Stockings: Gather together your favorite extra yarns and the book Crocheted Christmas Stockings will show you how to make customized stockings in a variety of themes and sizes. A variety of crochet techniques can be employed for these adorable stockings that would make wonderful presents.


Crazy Christmas Stockings: Printed on a variety of ground fabrics, these Crazy Christmas Stockings featured on Spoonflower make for a fast and easy DIY project. Simply cut out the printed pieces and sew together per the attached instructions. This would make an excellent group project for scouting groups or senior centers as the stockings could be sewed by hand or even glued.


Modern DIY Christmas Stockings: Found on Apartment Therapy, these shaggy Christmas Stockings were inspired by ones found in a magazine. The surprise is the material used to make the stockings. They are nothing other than basic shaggy bathroom floor mats, cut up and hand stitched together. These couldn't be any cuter or easier.


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