Dazzle with Dip Dye Decor

Nostalgiecat/Hometalk Popular on Pinterest right now: everything dip dyed, from hair to home decor. What is dip dye, you might ask? Well, imagine if tie-dye and ombre had a baby. This coloring technique, which produces shades that are subtly gradated from whispery pale to deepest dark, would be their delightful offspring. Even if you're a newbie crafter, you'll find it simple to DIY because neatness definitely does not count. In fact, the earthy, rough-hewn results are all part of dip dye's uniquely awesome charm.

(Not So) Simple Wall Hanging

Morph a plain length of unbleached linen cloth into a fantabulous wall hanging by dip dyeing it a color you adore. Once it's dried, drape the upper edge over a dowel and sew or hot glue it in place. The result will be lightweight enough that you can hang it using command strips or adhesive putty. This a perfect decor piece for renters -- you'll protect your home's paint job, since there's no hammering or drilling required!

Dip Dye Triptych

Riff on the previous project, but rev it up a notch. Put the "fab" into fabric by dyeing 3 swatches of material coordinating or boldly contrasting hues. Frame each one (whimsical dollar store or thrift shop frames will be just fine, thank you) and hang as wall art in a glamorous grouping, based on the well-known design principle that "more is more."

Beautiful Baskets

I love baskets as much as the next gal, but seriously, the basket craze is starting to feel just a tad bit old. Ring the changes on this fading fad; craft baskets from a painter's canvas drop cloth (sorry, but you will have to sew -- beats me why DIYers who happily spend hours refinishing furniture will freak at the sight of a needle and thread, but whatever floats your boat). Then add an extra touch of cute by dipping them in dye.

Clever Curtain Upcycle

Have your formerly white curtains grown dull and dingy with age? Dip dyeing is a fantastic way to give them a new lease on life. Try matching them to your wall paint color just for fun. This upcycling trick is particularly effective when you use past-their-prime lace or net draperies -- they end up looking so charming when the sunlight filters through their stripes of color.

60s Throwback Macrame

Create a wall hanging that would've looked far out in Janis Joplin's Haight-Ashbury pad. Vintage-style yarn macrame is a cool way to salute the 60s ... but don't forget to give your fiber art a 21st century twist (pun intended) by dip dyeing the whole thing once you've twined it all together.

Terrific Tea Towels

Whether your cooking area is blindingly white or you're jumping onto the trending now black kitchen bandwagon, a splash or two of bold, warm color will help to get you in a good mood for doing meal prep chores. A set of dazzling dip dyed tea towels can make even washing the dishes fun!

Rustic Rope

Dip dye a length of nautical rope -- or mix and match several types and weights. Wrap around the base of a table lamp for an amazing rustic beachy look. Alternatively, use it to hang pretty and practical objets, which could range from your favorite seaside vacation photo to an authentic brass ship's bell.

Personal Place Cards

Add allure to your Thanksgiving tablescape. You'll also simplify the seating arrangements when you set out personal place cards. Insert a name card into a dip dyed fabric "envelope" for each guest ... or simply dip dye the place card itself. Yes, you can dip dye paper as well as cloth.

Laura Firszt writes for networx.com.

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