Crown Molding

    If you want to sell a property, Coldwell Banker agent Jan Detrick says in Sacramento Magazine, "extras such as crown molding and new light fixtures and faucets are winners." Better Homes and Gardens suggests, "Don't leave out architectural detailing. Not reserved for only ornate areas, accents such as molding and wainscoting are simple ways to define and dress up a small space." In article after article, agents of the National Association of Realtors praise crown molding (moulding) as an inexpensive upgrade because it:


    • Adds beauty, class, and distinction to rooms
    • Makes spaces look larger and taller
    • Hides irregularities such as cracks, gaps, holes and rough edges
    • Is easy to install
    • Eco-friendly products are readily available
    • Adds value


    • Adds interesting architectural detail and a touch of luxury
    • Covers unsightly holes, gaps, and rough edges
    • Enhances curb appeal
    • Sets your property apart from the neighborhood before buyers even open the front door
    • Gives the property an inexpensive face lift
    • Easy to install
    • May help the property sell faster and at a higher price

    Easy Installation Guide

    Crown molding is easy to install, and if you do it yourself costs under $150 for a 10' x 10' room. Supplies you will need include:

    • Miter box and saw (power miter saws can be rented)
    • Tape measure
    • Putty knives
    • Sanding block
    • Hammer
    • Finishing nails
    • Angled 3" paintbrush
    • Joint compound
    • Construction adhesive
    • Caulk gun for adhesive, if needed
    • Sponge or paper towels
    • Fine sandpaper

    Green Molding

    For interiors, SierraPine Composite Solutions Sustainable moldings are formaldehyde free adhesive system, these "Green" options are SCS certified, EPP certified, contribute to LEED® credits and are CHPS approved. All of SierraPine's MDF mouldings are pre-primed with a low VOC paint and are ready for your custom finish, or you can request to have them raw or un-primed. For indoor use only, the Ultralite (lightweight) by Burton Mouldings is similar to MDF but not as dense therefore making it lighter in weight and easier to install.

    For exteriors, though PVC is not a "green" product, the low-maintenance VERSATEX PVC trimboard manufacturer, "reclaims, reuses and recycles in every corner of its Pittsburgh, PA operation..."

    Install Molding

    Measure the room or exterior space and buy the molding. Begin installing from an inside corner and work outward. Measure twice and then cut the pieces. If needed, sand, prime, and paint each piece. Apply adhesive according to manufacturer's directions. Press molding against adhesive and fix in place with finishing nails.

    Note: Install the molding so that it looks parallel with doors, windows and any other trim rather than according to the level or plumb line.

    Fill gaps above the molding and at seams with compound. Sand, prime, and paint the dried compound and fill any nail holes.

    By spending a weekend adding trim to your exterior and/or interior spaces, you can boost your property's curb and room appeal. For very little time and money, molding will distinguish your property from the competition and may help it sell faster and for more money.

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