How Much Does a Gutter Cleaning Cost?

    Cleaning the gutter

    A gutter plays an important role in protecting your home. But if it’s not cleaned out, leaves and debris can build up, causing the gutter to become clogged. The gutter’s main purpose is to bring the rain water that falls on the roof away from the house, thereby protecting the structure’s foundation. Additionally, the gutter prevents water from building up on the ground and leaking into your basement, and keeps the water from splashing dirt onto your siding. If your gutter is not cleaned out, both your home and your gutter will be in danger of becoming damaged.

    How Much Does it Cost?

    The cost of a gutter cleaning usually ranges between $50 and $200 depending on the size of your home and the amount of guttering it has. A small one-story home with a relatively flat roof and a minimal amount of guttering will probably cost under $75 and can usually be taken care of within an hour.

    If you have a large, multi-story home with steep roofs and lots of guttering, cleaning out the gutters might require two roofers and could take a number of hours. Additionally, it will be a more serious job involving greater heights and therefore require more equipment and safety precautions. A gutter cleaning in such a home can cost around $200; or if it’s a very large home, upwards of $500.

    How Often Do I Need to Have My Gutters Cleaned?

    Depending on the climate you live in and your home’s surroundings, the need to clean out your gutters can vary greatly. Roofers in Saint Paul, Minnesota, for example, like roofers from other rainy cities, say you’ll probably need to have your gutters cleaned more often than if you live in a dry city. Also, having lots of trees over and near your roof will also add to the amount of leaves that get stuck in your gutter. Some homeowners may find that they need their gutters cleaned at least once a year, while others may only need to have them cleaned every other year. Either way, it’s a good idea to have a roofing contractor inspect and clean out your gutters at least once every two years, regardless of where you live.


    If your roofer charges by the hour, the first hour is usually more expensive. Therefore, take advantage of him being there and have him inspect or repair other things as well, instead of having him make another trip to your home. If a roofing contractor charges by the job, try and get your neighbors together and have the roofer take care of all the homes on the same day and charge a discount rate.

    Do you find that your gutters are constantly getting backed up and filled with debris? If so, you may want to consider hiring a landscaper to trim the trees near your roof. Additionally, you can purchase gutter guards at a variety of home improvement stores. These are screens that fit over your gutters and let the water get in but keep out leaves and branches, reducing the frequency with which you need to clean your gutters.

    Your gutters are an integral part of your roof. Be sure to have a professional roofing contractor clean them out and maintain them on a regular basis to prevent unnecessary damage to your home.

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