Book Storage Ideas - New, Fresh & Fun

Posted by Harriette Halepis | Sep 13, 2009
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Pottery Barn Crown Molding Shelf

This shelf from the Pottery Barn has made this list for one simple reason - it's a great idea. Still, that doesn't necessary mean that you have to spend $45 to $75 on a Pottery Barn shelf. Take a gander around your local hardware store, look for crown molding, and compare costs. What the Pottery Barn has done is turn crown molding on its side, so that it sticks out from the wall in order to form a shelf. You can easily do this on your own by buying crown molding and attaching it to any wall in your house. Also, consider placing a piece of molding above a door frame to store books. Available at

Ikea Hyllis

Sturdy wooden bookshelves can be quite pricey, but metal kitchen (or garage) racks aren't. These large and rugged racks from IKEA can house lots of books, and they'll also create a clean, modern, look. Of course, the best part is that they are inexpensive - go ahead and buy all the books that you want! Available at

DIY Ladder Bookshelf

For those lacking just a bit of bookshelf space, the ladder shelf is a great idea. Purchase a large wooden ladder, open it, and place it within a corner of your house. Then, proceed to stack books on each step in any way that appeals to you. Alternately, you can lean a closed ladder against a wall, as pictured here, which saves space. Not only will you have a book storage solution, but you will also have an interesting art piece. Photo credit:

2Modern Blue Dot D2 Shelf

These shelves (brought to you by 2Modern) are versatile, colourful, and entirely adjustable. Place one or ten of these shelves on any wall that needs a quick facelift. Select from colors such as Averse Grey, Robin's Egg Blue, and Terra Cotta. If you desire something more structured, 2Modern also offers a shelving system option (sold separately). Available at

Pier1 Imports Anywhere Folding Shelves

The Anywhere shelves from Pier 1 truly live up to their name - you can take these shelves anywhere with you without a lot of hassle. If you love to rearrange your rooms according to your moods, then you'll love these foldable shelves that are easy to move. The Anywhere shelve comes in two different sizes (small and large), so go ahead - mix and match to your heart's content. Available at

Magnetic Shelves by Henry Julier

How's this for a fresh new design idea - magnetic shelves. Designer Henry Julier has created shelves that stick to any kind of magnetic surface. Place the shelves next to one another, or tear them apart. If you're looking for a few shelves to place strategically around your home, you don't want to miss these. Contact Henry Julier for pricing and shipping details. Available at

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