Benefits of Hiring a Weekly Housekeeper

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Wherever you live and whatever the size of your home, you may experience challenges when it comes to keeping things organized and clean in your abode. If you find yourself at odds with clutter and/or cleanliness regularly, it may be time to hire a housekeeper or cleaning professional to work for you once per week.

There are many benefits to hiring a housekeeper to help clean and organize your house, particularly if:

You’ve got special circumstances that limit your time and ability to do housework. You may be a stay-at-home parent with several kids to cart to and from appointments, school, and enrichment activities. You may have a demanding career that just doesn’t leave much time for keeping the house clean and tidy. You may have health issues, limited mobility, a disability, or age-related considerations.

A weekly visit from a housekeeper will help keep things around your home clean, sanitary, and looked-after, no matter what your specific needs. The best professional housekeepers will make sure to discuss and fully understand your needs for your living space -- and how often certain tasks must be done according to your emphasis -- during an initial consultation or interview.

You need ongoing help to stay organized. While a complete crash course in home organization and keeping organized is perhaps best left to a professional consultant, a professional housekeeper’s services can help you ensure that your clean and organized home stays that way. Even if you don’t need a weekly “deep clean” done in every room of your home or apartment, most housekeepers are willing to work with you to figure out an appropriate level of cleaning each week that will keep your home looking great and your organizing skills on track.

You have equipment or features in your home that require specialized care. Perhaps your home has large windows, a solarium or indoor patio, an antique set of furniture, or a guest cottage -- but you don’t have the time, inclination or special equipment that’s necessary for upkeep of these features. The good news: many housekeepers and professional cleaners do, in addition to experience with cleaning and maintaining a variety of home features, fixtures, and appliances.

You need help with special projects. You may need your home or apartment to be “deep cleaned” once every few months, or need an area such as the basement or attic cleaned after you’ve decided to get rid of some boxes or things that are taking up space. If you’re hosting a dinner party or work-related event at your home, the housekeeper’s assistance before or after the event can cut down significantly on your preparation time -- and your stress level! Such projects are best undertaken with a housekeeper that has cleaned and maintained your home for at least a few weeks beforehand, as he or she will know by that point what you want to focus on in your home, for your event or organizing project.

Updated November 19, 2018.

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