Bro-tastic Beer Pong Tables

What is this? Who actually goes out and buys a beer pong table? Not to be that grandma who likes to remind everyone that when she was a child, they ate what they were given and they didn't complain if all they had was chipped beef on toast because there was a war happening, but when I was in college any of these would have worked as beer pong tables:

Andy Arthur, Dinner Series, namestartswithj80, Lorena Cucpake/Flickr Creative Commons

Now you can get folding tables that are designated for beer pong. Like this one:


And this one:

I understand that people who are training for professional beer pong competitions need regulation tables to practice on. But just looking at the sheer number of designs and models available, I'm pretty sure that beer pong tables are being marketed to people other than professional beer pong players. "They" have found another way to get $150 out of people for yet more unitaskers.

Check out these custom beer pong tables by C5, a carpentry company in Chicago. For five hundred bucks, you can outfit your home with a beer pong table that doubles as modern art.

Am I being too curmudgeon about this? Can any proponents of tables made specifically for beer pong please chime in in the comments?


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