All About Wallpaper

Is wallpaper making a comeback? It sure is, but with a distinctively modern tweak! Innovative patterns, designs, and custom papers make any home pop.

Those Old Wallpaper Days

The use of wallpaper can be traced all the way back to Renaissance Europe. Historically, wallpaper was created as a lower-cost replacement for the expensive wall tapestries that were so common. As the trend grew, different wallpaper patterns became available.

People enjoyed plastering their walls well into the 1980s, until wallpaper suddenly became boring. Murals and wall decals quickly took the place of the former paper. Drab and flowery patterns simply didn't entice homeowners during the flashy Eighties - then again, who can blame them?

The Revival

Within the past decade, wallpaper has resurfaced. Contemporary wallpaper is quirky, colorful, and chockful of divine design. As more and more consumers grow tired of regular old paint, wallpaper is quickly gaining in popularity.

Here are a few wallpaper designers to check out:

  • Ferm Living: this Danish designer has created various shades of papers that you'll love. Black roses, family trees, bustling blue squares - this designer can't be passed up! If you're after something truly unique, look no further than Ferm Living.

  • Flavor Paper: Handscreened vintage (or contemporary) wallpaper can be yours when you shop at Flavor Paper. These designs easily jump off of any wall creating an unforgettable space. Take a look at "Fleur de Saveur," "Party Girl," and "Monaco" designs.

  • Graham & Brown: Designs from this manufacturer are a bit tamer when compared to Flavor Paper's patterns, but they are innovative all the same. The Eco Collection is soothing and calming, while the Mode Collection is everything that you'll want and more.

Papering Your Space

Keeping in mind that just because it's called "wallpaper" doesn't mean the paper you choose has to go (only) on the four walls to add spice to your rooms. Consider these out-of-the-box papering techniques:

  • Add an accent wall to a room by selecting a small swatch of paper, and applying it to one wall. Then paint the surrounding walls in a complementary, or contrasting, color. Works especially well with bold, eye-catching designs.

  • Paper an object inside any room (a plant stand, desk, or storage bin -- no, not the dog!) for a bit of instant glam. Matching an accent wall to a particularly interesting wallpapered piece is a fun way to change the look of a room.

  • Wrap columns or beams in your favorite paper. You'd be surprised at the way that some simple paper really makes architectural features stand out.

The best part about all of the above techniques is that purchasing a just small quantity of designer wallpaper is not as expensive as buying enough to cover all your walls. Yet you'll still be able to express your love for great wallpaper designs.

Looking for a little help with wallpaper hanging? Hire a professional for the best results.

Photo credit: Graham & Brown

Updated October 9, 2018.

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