A Simple Trick to Remove Sticky Gunk from Jars

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Mar 29, 2013 | Chaya Kurtz

There are so many uses for jars. I actually buy food and beverages for the jars that they come packaged in. Like, I'll buy a glass bottle of apple juice instead of a plastic bottle of apple juice just so that I can have the glass bottle. And wine bottles? Forget it! You can never have too many. Don't even get me started on Mason jars and good, old spaghetti sauce jars. I could buy olives in a can, but I buy them in a jar...you get the picture.

Photo of glass canning jars by YinYang/istockphoto.com.

Jars are the best for food storage, and for DIY projects, but there is this one problem: How to remove the labels. Like a lot of adhesives, oil actually removes jar labels well. It's counter-intuitive to clean with oil, but really, it works!

Blogger Beverly, from The Make Your Own Zone, posted her recipe for homemade sticker goo remover on Hometalk, and boy is it green and easy! 

To make homemade sticker gunk remover, mix one part vegetable oil (any inexpensive vegetable oil will do; no need to waste the good extra vigin olive oil on cleaning) and two parts baking soda. Dip a rag in the oil and baking soda mixture, and rub onto the sticker goo. Scrub a bit. It might take a couple applications, but Beverly claims that she used about as much elbow grease as when she uses Goo Gone, the favorite gunk remover of handymen and mechanics.

For more on DIY cleansers: Tips from a Baltimore flooring contractor for cleaning hardwood floors; rubbing alcohol is also good at removing sticker goo!

Chaya Kurtz writes for Networx.com.

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