8 Creative Ways To Re-Use Golf Equipment

Photo: keyseeker/morguefile.comGolf is a game, like so many others, that involves a lot of equipment. There’re the balls and tees of course, plus all the many clubs and a special bag to hold them. Then there’re proper shoes and proper clothes (so important in golf!), with a wide assortment of accessories on the side. Some of these trimmings are necessary, while others are pretty superfluous, but all of them make up the big wide world of golf-related goods.

If you’re a golfer, or living with a golfer, or even if you just like the look of golf gear (there’s something sort of regal and romantic about it, right?), then check out the following list to find some super interesting, probably unexpected ways in which you can re-use some of golf’s most abundant accoutrements. Namely, the clubs and the bags. Here we go:

1. If you have some old golf clubs lying around, why not haul them out to the garden and put them to good use? Tied over a trellising plant (like tomatoes or squash), they make a great support system!

2. And while you’re outside, you can work your old clubs into an overall ode-to-golf motif, like these people did in this awesome golf club-studded fence.

3. Back inside the house, a simple aged plank of wood can be combined with golf club heads to make an easy, elegant coat rack. This looks especially lovely with vintage club heads.

4. And speaking of racks, a vintage club suspended on brackets makes for a surprisingly modern, wonderfully minimalist towel rack.

5. For the true golf enthusiast -- the one who wishes to work the game as a theme into every room -- here’s a delightful idea for the kitchen. An old golf club is transformed into an absolutely adorable paper towel dispenser.

6. Here’s some gorgeous golf inspiration: classic vintage clubs transformed into stylish clothing hangers. These are featured in a fancy menswear boutique, but they’d make a great addition to any golf guy’s closet.

7. And what about the bag? Well, it’s meant to move, ergonomically designed for carrying heavy equipment, and intended to house “tools”, so why not use it as a garden caddy! This ingenious idea seems to be pretty popular -- you can see here for some awesome inspiration.

8. Finally, for a vessel that’s tall and sturdy and stylish, what better way to creatively reuse it than to add a little greenery? That’s right, you can make a planter out of a golf bag -- and it looks great!

DIY repurposing is always fun, but if you’re feeling less-than-crafty or maybe just a little bit lazy, remember that you can always donate your used sporting equipment instead of throwing it away. Charities, youth programs, and secondhand shops are all good options for older golf clubs and bags. Anything to keep them out of the landfills!

Sayward Rebhal writes for Networx.

Updated April 23, 2018.

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