5 Push Mowers That Do the Job Right

5 Push Mowers That Do the Job Right

A great way to reduce the carbon footprint of your yard is to use a push mower instead of a gas-powered one. These non-motorized mowers, the original lawn cutters, work by pulling grass up and snipping off the top. Luckily, push mower technology and design have improved over the years so that now you can get a great lawnmower which lets you forget the hassles of motor oil, gasoline, or extension cords. Check out our gallery of ergonomic push mowers to reduce your gasoline consumption, and offer easier maintenance than gas and electric mowers.

Great States Lawn Mowers 

This user-friendly reel push lawn mower weighs only 25 pounds, measures 18 inches wide, and has a cushioned loop-style handle so your hands don't get calloused or sore from pushing it around your yard. The large front wheels combine with trailing back wheels to simplify balance and maneuverability. The steel blades cut your lawn fast and quietly. For a small additional charge, you can attach a grass catcher made of tough nylon fabric on a durable steel frame to gather up your grass clippings.

Ving Trade Manual Push Mower

This Ving Trade push mower easily cuts 18-inch wide swaths of fine blade grass. It comes with two sets of wheels to make for easier balance, the larger front set being 10 inches with a smaller rear set at 6 inches. The Ving Trade mower also comes with a removable grass catcher to make clean-up simple and easy. Just mow your lawn and toss the collected snippings. The manual mower also has six adjustable height settings and is made of sturdy steel. Check it out on Amazon.com for only $110.

Craftsman Cut Path Reel Mower

If you're short on storage space or have a small yard, the Craftsman Cut Path Reel Mower is a great option to keep your lawn looking trim and kept. It's only 16 inches wide, weighs 25 pounds and is very strong with its welded torsion tube frame that features unbreakable steel side plates. The T-handle comes with foam grips to protect your hands from getting calloused and durable polymer wheels with radial tires make it easy for you to push the mower across your lawn. You can purchase this item online or from your local Sears for only $100.

Brill Razorcut Reel Lawn Mower

The Brill Razorcut Reel Lawn Mower is a specialized push mower that comes with 5 precision-hardened steel reel blades for contactless cutting that ensures precision every time. You can adjust the cutting height from 14 mm to 45 mm so you can dictate what your lawn looks like post-cutting, instead of being forced to rely on factory settings. The Brill only weighs 17 pounds and comes with a great ergonomically designed handle that doesn't get in the way of it's easy storage collapsible frame design.

Scotts Classic Push Reel Mower

If you have a large amount of grass that needs to be cut, you should definitely look into this Classic Push Reel Mower by Scotts. The larger-than-average push mower reduces the time and effort you have to spend mowing your lawn with it's 20-inch wide cutting path so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. It also has an easy-to-use quick-snap height adjuster to give you control over the height of the mower's precision blade cuts with nine choice settings. This great mower costs $115 on Amazon.com.

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